Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Love Halloween~ Marilyn Monroe

:::Tag is Snag Only:::
I wasn't going to post today,
but some people are following my blog
and I am not able to read theirs.
I hope they are not thinking
that I am being rude by
not visiting their journals
but I cannot get in
so what do I do?
Do I delete them
from my list of blogs to follow?
If you know how to add
the blog list that shows
who has updated their journal,
please let me know,
because it has been hard to keep up
going one by one,
especially because
I am probably the only one left
with dial up. LOL
If I haven't visited your blog lately,
I do apologize,
but I am still exhausted
from last week's job hunting.


MISSY said...

Try deleting who you are following and then add them again. I had athe same issue and it worked.


Dannelle said...

Love you anyway! Dannelle

Linda said...

Once you follow someone's journal, then manage them on Google Reader, it sorts them for you and updates...I love it!

Pooh Hugs,

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Wini, I'm not sure if you ever added yourself as a follower to mine. I go to customize and then the Dashboard thing. It bring up all the blogs I follow and the entries. The comments, you just to open your blog and see them. I hate that. LOVE the Marilyn tag! HUGS

Anonymous said...

Hello I love Halloween to!!! Thank you for all your kind words on my blog. Someday you 2 will find someone to share your life with that makes you jump for joy tell then just love yourself, Belive me it will happen!!! Kat:)

AGirlNexDoorCreation said...

Boy I too am having a time with blogger...maybe someday...LOL...have a relaxing Sunday! Hugs,TerryAnn

Indigo said...

I love Halloween. I think we are all still trying to adjust to the move to Blogger and keep up with commenting. As Linda said signing up for Google Reader is free and the easiest way to keep track of everyone. Hope you had a relaxing weekend dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo

ELLIE said...

go to google reader - (just put that phrase in a search bar) you sign in using the same info that you sign onto blogger with - there you will find the blogs you are following..if they are not there just delete who you are following and then add them again - like go to a blog click on stop following then click on follow it should help...but use google reader - so much more easier!!!

ada said...

Don't worry, you'll work it out.Good luck with your job hunting.

ada said...

A big hug right back at you!!!

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

I think you and your site are amazing. I found your reads the same. I shall follow and thanks for stopping by for a visit. Hoping your Monday is good to you!
Take care,

Emmi said...

Love the snag!