Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bad to the CORE

Well, I had a post here, but it disappeared... Oh, well... it happens...
Guess I will write about it another day... or not...
Here is the tag I made today.
OK... , It's Sunday and I am back to this post to add what disappeared...
Last week was stressful, but it wasn't as bad as the previous week at work... I am getting the hang of things. In fact, I've lost track of the cases that I am getting approved, which is a good thing. LOL... I am waiting on airfare money to reunite one of the kids with family this week, and I submitted another case for approval on Friday... I didn't have to ask any questions to Betty Crocker or Spelling Bee this week. In fact, I was surprised that Betty Crocker asked me a question about how to close a file. I have five of Betty Crocker's old cases that were transferred to me and I have two new kids that just came in.
Betty Crocker's old cases are what have me running behind. I have to write updates every week but now they want us to write an additional update every 30 days. It's hard to write updates from someone else's notes, because I was not the kids case manager at the time. I am still struggling with a kid that was there since July, but I have to hurry up with his because he might be transferring to another facility by Tuesday. Grrr...
This week, I lost some papers that had me panicky for several days, but somehow, they mysteriously turned up. I am not sure if I already filed all of them, but I hope so. Also, I lost my approved case, but for some unknown reason, I wasn't panicky about it. I guess I was just trusting God to find it for me, and it showed up right away. I don't know if the girls are playing with my mind or if I actually lost them myself. I know Betty Crocker is all about her. She likes to play herself up whenever she does something right. I hope they are not playing games with me...
This week, I finally had New Hire Orientation. I have to laugh at how these people do everything backwards. I won a Cheetah pillow for participating, and Frenchy won't let me forget about it, because she wanted it. I had it on my chair at work, but I decided that it might help her to forget if I brought it home, so I did...
I wasn't able to go to the grocery store last week, so I had to go out to eat on Thursday and Friday, because I ran out of food to take for lunch. On Friday, I went to eat Chinese with Ms Tiara and one of the M&M girls. These are my no-diet weeks, but I have been a little bad. LOL... I told the M&M girl that I could only go to eat if I go from 12:00 to 1:00 because the last time when we left at 12:10 and returned at 1:10, the Eye gave me a five minute lecture about it... This upset her some, because I rarely go out to eat at lunchtime, and the Eye and the click are usually always late returning from lunch.
The girls at work are not doing well with their diet. Betty Crocker and Frenchy only lost 1/2 a pound in two weeks, although I think the medical staff gave them a break so they wouldn't have to pay. Spelling Bee was out on weigh-in day, probably because she was stuffing cake and all this food the day before and pretty much the rest of the week. LOL...
I have been without a key to get into our office since I started this job, but the week before last week, they changed all of the locks in the building. I was supposed to get a key last week, but I am still without a key. Hopefully, we should all have keys this week. It is hard to be without a key, because I always have to wait outside the door for Spelling Bee to open the door in the morning, and if I went out to eat all the time, I would have to wait for them to get back from lunch. That is another reason why I stay in to eat a sandwich instead...
I was right about the files. We are going to have to check them out and back in, but whatsmore is that they are going to put them in a little room by Ms Tiara and only she will have the key. I hope it doesn't create any problems. From what I hear, the room is very small. Also, the Eye will be in charge of the Petty Cash, so we will have to go through him when a child leaves. This worries me, because the other M&M girl was in charge of Petty Cash, but she has not been at work for several days. Is she sick or is she no longer going to be with us? This week will tell...
To add to my story, I have been battling with an ingrown pimple for two weeks, going on three weeks this week. OMG @ I only get pimples when I am under stress, but I have never had one that has lasted this long. The ingrown ones are the most painful. OMG @ so what does that tell you?!#
P.S... It's February 1! My probation period ends February 17... the date is getting closer... Will I make it?!... I am trusting that the door that God opened up, will not be closed by a human being.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Check Him OUT!

Guess men are more anxious than women to find someone, because the Mr. Eye Candy who was flirting with me when I first started this job now has a girlfriend. LOL... It happens...
I went to pick up the company mail earlier in the week, because a Sponsor insisted that the Post Office told her that her money order was already here... When I was there, the Pastor stopped to talk to me... He was a little flirty, actually... OMG @ are Pastors allowed to do that? He is not a bad looking man but he has a wife... Yesterday, I ran into him again. This time, his son was with him. LOL @ that messed up his chances of flirting. Still, me and a pastor?!# I think NOT.
One thing they said at Orientation that is still on my mind is that "men love nipples." OMG @ I cannot believe that is what I heard. Actually, it was a warning to women to wear a heavier bra to work. LOL

Thursday, January 29, 2009

:::It's In His KISS:::

LOL @ Lorenzo requesting more anatomy shots! LOL @ this is not exactly the anatomy you were looking for. ha ha ha ha...
We have staffing today plus the Eye is going to make us sign charts out and in. I know that because I created the form myself... Grrr @ I hope that doesn't mean that I can only pull out one chart at a time. Yesterday, I pulled out almost all of my files, trying to get caught up, but the new change of them wanting extra updates every 30 days is really hard, especially for the kids who have been there way before I was and were followed by someone else... Sometimes I think Betty Crocker gave them to me on purpose so she wouldn't have to do them.
I have another approved case so I am waiting for airfare money for him, which should give me a little time until he leaves...
What's worse is that I lost some papers. Grrr @ hope nobody finds out until I can find them or I may have to have the kids redo them.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009



Can't find the girl of your dreams?!# Create one! LOL... Wonder if this little guy has a Man-O-Matic machine, although Richard Gere and Mario Cimarro are enough to make me drool. LOL...
Things continue to be busy at work, and I continue to play catch up... Unfortunately, I had to participate in New Hire Orientation today... Yep @ I am only now getting it... While I was at the Orientation, my boss discovered that I am behind in my updates. OMG... If I had been at work today instead of Orientation, I would have filed them, and he never would have known that I was behind. He sent me an email about it, which is bad, because the email means that it is documented that I messed up. I hope it doesn't hurt my probationary period.
Prayers requested here, please...

Sunday, January 25, 2009



As you can see, I have been busy. LOL... This one was a Quickie so I feel kind of guilty, but that's OK!...


Not much to tell about the weekend except that I am busy washing my work clothes, towels, and the rugs, and I am cleaning up my apartment a little bit. Wish I could just SLEEP!


Earlier in the week, the dryer was wide open with all of it's guts out. Also, on Wednesday, they turned the HOT water off at 7:00 a.m. I am completely clueless why the landlady doesn't find maintenance people who know what they are doing... I hope I will be able to pass my probation, so I can look into another place to live... I am thinking of the dollhouse townhouse, but I am not sure, because it doesn't have a walk-in closet. I will have to go back to look at it again or find a different one.


p.s... My reader came back, although I had to go pull him by the hair. LOL @ welcome back, Lorenzo... and I have a new reader, too! Yay!

War Paint >>>---->


Making up for LOST time...

Posting another tag...

This one is rated G. LOL


Saturday, January 24, 2009

(SAC) Do Not Disturb


OMG @ I am sad to see that I have lost a reader... probably because I have been behind in making tags, or perhaps, I am just boring? Oops, it was a guy I failed to pay attention to. My bad. So sorry about that...

Yep @ it has been a VERY long week at work... I finally understand why some people pray for Friday! I got behind, because I had three kids leave the shelter last week. There is a lot of preparation when the kids leave. Having so many of my cases approved at once is a good thing, but it just gives me more work... This week, I had to wait all week for the airfare to come in the mail for a kid that left the shelter this morning, so that helped me out a bit. The bad thing is that they have changed the rules, and now, we have to justify every 30 days why the kids are still at the shelter. Grrr @ I am still trying to finish up with one kid who has been there since July. What's difficult is that I didn't have him until the end of last year, so all of my reports are second hand information from the previous worker's notes. Doesn't seem fair. Grrr.... Also, I have some new kids, and I don't know them yet.

One thing that freaked me out is that the head She-Devil stood up for me in a meeting. She said that I am doing a good job and that I am kicking butt. (working fast) OMGGG... That really freaked me out, because it came very unexpected. Does that mean that I might pass probation? Still, I don't trust them, and I think it is good for my boss and everyone to describe me as a "quiet person." LOL @ remaining mysterious can work to my advantage!


P.S.... One thing I forgot to mention was the Obama Inauguration. We were allowed to see it with the kids, but unfortunately, we had to hear it in Spanish. I don't like it when they try to translate in another language, because it always loses something in the translation.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Candy Apple KISSES



Never been so happy to finally see Friday!



Thursday, January 22, 2009

Short Take

Plz put a letter d where there is a *. I *on't have time to go back to insert the letter...

Embarrasse* about not making the time to make tags. Apologies. Have been too tired from the *rive to & from work & having to wake up so early... Things at work are no *ifferent. I am still behin*. The She-*evils are still withhol*ing information. I am *oing ok so far without their help but it woul* be easier if they just answere* my questions instea* of going into a five minute lecture of *on't you remember?! grrrrrrr... Prayers requeste* here. I am so tire* & sleepy to*ay. I wish I ha* a goo* excuse not to go into work to*ay.


Sunday, January 18, 2009


OMG @ I have to do this Survey because Sandra said so. LOL...

Four places I go over and over again:

Four people who mail me regularly:

Four of my favorite places to eat, (apart from home):

Four places I'd rather be now:

Four favorite TV Shows:

Four movies I would watch over and over again:

Four people I would like to tag:

He Makes My Heart Flutter


This has been such a challenging week at work. The She-Devils at work continue to try their best to bring my mistakes to light. Because everyone is back from their holidays, my security clearances have been coming back all at once! Grrr @ I am having to release kids from the shelter faster than I can think! The process is not hard. It's just a string of things that I have to remember to ensure all loose ends are tied. It is heart-breaking that not all the kids can be reunited with their families. You get used to the kids. They become a part of your everyday life, but then, you have to let them go. There is so much paperwork involved for everything and I am responsible for all the paperwork that the other staff has to put into the file, too. The Eye used to close our cases but now, he wants us to start closing them ourselves. I am still trying to learn the rest of it, so this is yet another thing that I have to learn. Grrr... LOL

This week, I was busy reuniting three kids with their families. That's a lot of work. My brain is unable to accept any more information... Unfortunately, we had a training on Friday. My brain was too fried to retain most of what was said...

After getting Jones' oil changed, I received what seemed like a medical report. My poor Jones is so disabled. It is a miracle that he contines to be so reliable. Yesterday, we spent all day at the mechanic. The part to hold up the glass for the window hasn't come in, or so the mechanic said... Jones was given an alinement, but the mechanic said that I really needed some new tires, so off to Wal-Mart I go to get Jones some new shoes.

Boy, was I surprised at the prices! The cheapest tire was $75.00! What happened to the time when I could buy four tires at $200 the set?! OMG! I feel as if I spent my whole paycheck just on the two tires I bought for Jones and to get them rotated and balanced, but Jones seemed so happy when I got him on the freeway.

I bought a few groceries for the week, too, so I feel bad about spending so much money in one day. Jones needs a good wash, too, but it will have to wait...

So now I am really behind in my housework and I still need to wash my clothes for work. I spent most of the morning going through some of my 5,000 emails on g-mail, but I don't think I went through 1,000, because there are still so many left. LOL @ I will probably just delete them later. It's just too exhausting to go through them all. I haven't even looked into my emails from hotmail or from yahoo. I have way too many accounts because most of them don't work for receiving graphics. Grrrrrrrr... I keep trying to leave AOL but it seems to be the best for sending emails with graphics... What would Jesus do? LOL

The best thing about this week is that I am five pounds lighter. Yay! Makes me happy. The diet continues until the New Moon.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Letter to My Readers

Deeply apolgetic for falling off the ends of the Earth! Thank you so much for checking up on me and for sending huggies and sloppy kisses all over my face!
Those of you who know my tragic past know that I could have lived my life consumed in my own self pity, but ever since that night when I was but five years old, sitting on the roof, looking at the stars and asking God to take my life, I have had that Spirit rooted deep within my soul that won't allow me to give up on myself.
My life might have been happier if I had chosen to play stupid... accepting Mother's ideas that only boys are special because they carry the seed... accepting that education is a waste of time for a woman, because women were only made for cleaning, cooking, and bearing children... accepting that minority women have less of a chance at being successful in a career... accepting men's quests to make you but another notch on their belt... accepting men's infidelity... accepting cruel words that cut at your bleeding heart like a dirty knife without anesthesia... Yes, my life might have been easier if I had chosen to just accept things as they came, but smart girls know that there is no real happiness in pretending to be something you're not... People who know me know that I am a fighter. I am a warrior... always fighting to dig myself out of my own problems, always striving to better myself... all by myself... because people have always let me down in my expectations of them, no matter how simple those expectations were.
So now I wake up at 5:00 a.m. to get ready for work, eat breakfast, and to pack a lunch. I say 5:00, but I am usually up before the alarm goes off. I eat breakfast at about 6:00 a.m. I have to be out the door by 7:00 a.m. to drive to work; otherwise, I will not make it to work by 8:00 a.m. I don't get to eat lunch until 12:00 p.m., which means there is a six hour wait until my stomach sees any food. I leave work at 5:00 p.m., but I don't get home until 6:00 p.m., which means that my stomach has been forced to accept food every six hours instead of every four, which is a big change for me... And sometimes, I have to do something after work, which will set my tummy a rammbling for food and loud screams of "Feed Me!"... When I get home, I am so sleepy that I usually fall asleep before my regularly scheduled bedtime, so I apologize that I have not been able to make as many tags or entries as I would like. I am praying to pass probation so that I can consider moving closer to work. The extra sleep and less driving will help a lot.
I share an office with two other women who are probably half my age. The lead worker has a hearty laugh, but her moods are always changing. She is sharp, but she cannot spell. I will call her Spelling Bee. The other worker has been married for less than a year. She is more mellow and she learns things quickly, but she loves to spend money foolishly and she tries to bake. I will call her Betty Crocker.
The other girls who are part of their click have Master degrees in Social Work but they have no licenses. I can't believe they have waited so long to take their test to get their license. If I had my Masters degree, I would have gotten my license straight away! I have more experience than both of them put together, but I don't have a Masters degree in Social Work and I don't have a license. One of them, I have already introduced as Skinny Girl. She is the skinniest girl in the whole agency. The other girl has never dieted in her life. She loves Eiffel Towers, so I will call her Frenchy.
My immediate boss is also in their click. He goes out to eat with them often. He likes to fish, as evidenced through pictures of his children and himself with catches of the day. He bakes cookies but I think he is more of a cook. He has a lazy eye or a glass eye. I don't know for sure what kind of eye it is except that it bulges out and moves slower than the other eye. The other eye seems normal. It rolls around and goes back and forth more naturally. I think I will call him The Eye, because after all, he does keep an eye out for the agency through our work.
My favorites are the M&Ms Girls. I call them that because their first names begin with the letter M. One of them is the secretary to the main boss. The other is the supervisor of the girls with the Masters degrees. They appreciate my sense of humor and use me as their stress relief. LOL ...
The receptionist is also my friend. She just kind of clung to me since day 1. She has been married for about 13 years but she cannot drive. Her husband has not worked in a long time. She likes for him to stay home cleaning house and cooking for her, which I think is wrong, because I believe that a couple should help lift each other up. She always wears her daughter's sparkly headbands. I will call her Ms Tiara.
Over the teachers' break, I bonded with the teachers aides and also with the medical staff, and then, there is Hammer Guy who is good eye candy. LOL... The girls in my office don't even know their names. I think that is funny, because they have been at the facility longer than I have, but as I said, they stay within their own little click. I have only bonded with two of the direct care workers but that's because we recently got some guy workers.
So that is my life now... for the past two months anyway. I still have until February 17 to see if I pass probation. I know I am capable of becoming a good case manager, but there is so much to remember and so much to learn. I cannot say that I am confident in my work yet. I had been without work for so long that I often feel as if the rug is going to be pulled out from under me... I hope that I will be able to stay at this job, because I like what I am doing, but the girls have not been very helpful in training me...
Still, I have to say that one very important factor that has helped me through all this unemployed year has been my online friends. Who would have thought that finding friends through my blog would have changed my life? I never dreamed of finding true friendship in strangers whom I have never met. This kind of emotional support, cyber hugs, and cyber sloppy kisses are what I should have received when I was growing up a child. It is sad that there are so many parents in the world who don't know their children even though they live surrounded by the same four walls they dare to call a home.
Like everybody else, I have my good days and my bad days... and lately my hair has known more bad days than good days... but it's always good to know that when I open up my blog, I can always find words of support typed from the fingers of strangers whom I now dare to call friends... These are the readers of my blog... These are people whom I have never met, and yet, they know me better than the people I have actually met... These are the people who keep me in their prayers... These are the people who make my days brighter with their words of encouragement and support... These are my angels...
Words can never express how grateful I am for you to allow me to be a part of your life. Words can never express how grateful I am to have you be a part of my life. Now, it's as if for the first time in my life, I am not alone. Now, it feels as if everywhere I go, I carry a little piece of each and every one of you... my faithful readers, my angels... for you truly are angels who lift me up when my wings have forgotten how to fly.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Three Kings

In the Latin culture, Christmas isn't over until the Three Kings come with rich gifts for the baby Jesus on January 6. Children put a little box with grass and water for the camels and they put their shoes out so the Three Kings can leave gifts in them. In the morning, the grass and water is gone and their shoes are filled with gifts. The day of the Three Kings is greatly celebrated among the Latin culture. A sweet bread called Three Kings Bread is prepared in the shape of a crown with cherry candies for jewels. A little plastic baby is baked inside the sweet bread. It represents the baby Jesus. The person who finds it in their piece of sweet bread is the person who will bring the sweet bread to the celebration the following year.

Well, this Three Kings Day brought me gifts that were on my Christmas Wish List plus an unexpected surprise. At the end of the day of January 6th, I got a temporary computer. It is a laptop that I can use until the computer that was ordered for me comes in. Today, I received a small side table, which is great, because the desk is very small and very narrow. My filing cabinet has not come in yet. I am grateful that I finally have these things, but today, I requested a chair, because the chair I am in is too big for me, and I keep sliding off of it. LOL... Before I know it, I am already at the very end of it.

The boy from my first approved case came to see me on Tuesday. When I told him that he would be leaving Wednesday morning, he looked as if he had gone into shock and disbelief. His whole face lit up. It was hard for him to concentrate when I explained how he would need to complete the forms that he would need to mail to transfer his case. Well, today, I received a phone call from him and his mother. They kept saying thank you over and over again. Makes me happy to hear that they are so happy to be together.

My second case was approved today. I called the boy's father about the airfare today. I hope the father doesn't tell the boy yet, but since the boy is scheduled to make his phone call tonight, the dad will probably beat me to the gun. Grrr... LOL @ I like to wait until the day before they leave to tell them. Makes it more exciting to see their reaction...

I have a third case almost ready to submit for approval. I predict that this one will go faster than the others, because I won't have to wait on airfare for him. His parents live in Texas, so they will be coming to pick him up. I love that, because I will have front row seats to witness the reunification. I can hardly wait to see how that one is going to go! If all goes well, that means that I might have two kids leaving the shelter next week to be reunited with their families. (fingers crossed)

Today, Frenchie asked me how I was doing on my diet. I told her that I had the money in my hands to give to the cause, but I was told that I was going to get some support out of it and when I didn't get it, I changed my mind about joining. I kind of made a joke of it, but I was only telling the truth.

My weight loss journey will probably go past their deadline, but it's only, because I plan to turn my weight loss journey inside out. I don't want it to be just a diet. I want to turn it into a healthy lifestyle.

On a sad note, an assistant supervisor got demoted by email. I wonder what happened. Why couldn't they have told her in person? She is no longer allowed to come to the Administration building. Makes me sad for her because she was always so helpful.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Short Note

The girls continue with the whispering. Grrr @ it makes me feel so uncomfortable. They said they were going to be supportive about the weight loss challenge at work, but when they talk about their food strategies, they whisper. Also, someone closed the blinds at my window yesterday. We have to clean our office, so there are no cleaning people to blame. The light above my desk does not work. I need the light from the window to be able to see.


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Introducing "The MAD Platter"

"To take better care of myself... In spite of my health problems and my many injuries, I continue to be a walking miracle... It's time to stop putting myself on the backburner of LIFE... Time to lose the weight I gained from the last bad man, to regain my health, and to allow myself to be pampered..."
Humm... guess this calls for a new blog to keep track of what I put into my mouth, besides my foot! LOL... and to keep track of my exercise, too. I am having problems putting the pictures in and my header won't animate... grrrr... This tag is what the header for my new blog is supposed to look like.

My New Year Resolutions


O.K., Winivere... So WHAT do you REALLY-REALLY-REALLY want for 2009?!# Well, two goals have already manifested themselves all by themselves in my prior entry... so let's start with that and go on from there...

1). To respect money and to be more aware of where it is spent... I want to continue to put away $100.00 per pay period through actual $100.00 bills, but... I also want to live on as close to half of my income as possible.

2). To pass probation at work and to take care of my job... This includes taking care of professional relationships, taking advantage of any mentoring that is available, doing all that I can to become an expert at my job, and allowing my work to shine.

3). To live in a doll house... This is a continuation of 2008, which includes simplifying my environment to only those things that make me happy and donating the rest to charity. This also includes being organized enough to be able to find things when I need them.

4). To take better care of myself... In spite of my health problems and my many injuries, I continue to be a walking miracle... It's time to stop putting myself on the backburner of LIFE... Time to lose the weight I gained from the last bad man, to regain my health, and to allow myself to be pampered.

5). To strengthen friendship and family ties by hand-writing more letters... Once a month, I will write a letter to someone who means a lot to me and let them know how much I appreciate them being a part of my life.

Yes! These are things that I really-really-really want! Sounds like a good plan!


Summary of what happened this week...

1). In the local news, a man stole a string of cars, shot and killed a woman at the grocery store in Harlingen, drove to another town thirty minutes away, drove a car through the entrance doors of Wal-Mart and drove the car back out through the other doors, injured several people, shot himself, cried for his mother, and then, committed suicide.

2). One of the new kids ran away from the shelter on Tuesday.

3). My first case was approved for reunification of a child and his parents who have not seen each other in 16 years.

4). People at work have started a weight-loss challenge. You put $20.00 to join and add $1.00 per pound that you gain per weigh-in. The weigh-ins will be every two weeks. The time frame is only for three months. I wasn't going to join, but the girls at the office continue to whisper in front of my face! If joining this challenge helps me to bond with these people, it will be worth investing the $20.00 for it.

5). I have submitted a second case for approval.

6). The kid on my caseload who has been at the shelter the longest finally has a sponsor. That was a big surprise, because I thought the mother had given up!

7). My little soldier has been acting up. Makes me wonder if he is ADD. His brother keeps calling me and says he would like to meet me. Too bad his brother is only 28 years old. LOL

8). Looks as if we had a very short winter... only a few days of cold weather. Christmas was at 85 degrees... The girls at work are always cold so it feels like an oven at the office.

9). I have a phone now! So now I have a desk and a phone and a black pen and a red pen. LOL... I am still waiting for a computer...

P.S... Sorry for the butt shot. LOL @ I can't see why some people think this looks sexy.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

(SAC) Happy New Year 2009


A clean slate... A whole new start... Another chance to start over...

What will your New Year resolutions be this year?!# Although I have a general idea, I am still thinking about what I really-really-really want for 2009. Too often, we start out with a bang, but then, we tend to forget about our resolutions, because we get so wrapped up in the busyness of life. Will that be my fate this year or will this year be the year that my resolutions are finally met?!

I was unemployed for 10-1/2 months of 2008. That means 2008 was a lot about sacrifice and keeping an extra close look at each and every penny, but it also brought more respect for money and where it is spent. That is an important and valuable lesson that should carry forward into 2009.

Finding a job so late in the year also makes me appreciate how important professional relationships are and how important it is to take care of your job. No matter how humble or how stressful your job is, we have to do what we have to do to be able to do what we want to do, so taking care of my job and passing probation at work is something that also needs to be carried forward into 2009.

Hummm... looks as if my list has already started forming itself without any effort on my part... There are other things I am considering. Will come back with that list later...

Best wishes for a wonderful New Year!