Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Life's Little Surprises


Once again, I have been given a Second Chance at Life... an opportunity to make my life better, perhaps?

Makes sad not to include any of my Valentine graphics, so I pulled this one out of the woodwork. =.) I started to write this post so I will continue with it here, although the graphic might not match. LOL...

This year's New Year's resolutions are not much different from last year's: to make money at an honorable job with not-as-much-stress. Yes @ I found a job last year but it was too demanding and stressful so I am back to job searching. Unfortunately, all the jobs that I applied for in years past were probably written with a permanent marker, because they continue to be there year after year and are still there today and will probably be there tomorrow as well. The only thing that has changed is that there are more questions on the applications and more documents to include... I suppose the only reason why they do not ask for your Bra Size is because it would discriminate against men; but they want to know everything about you, and I mean EVERYTHING... marriages and divorces, where you have lived for the past 10 years, all the jobs you have had since age 16, etc., etc., etc. It used to be that I would only do job searches in the mornings and leave the afternoon open for interviews, personal time, errands, or housework. Job search is no longer like that. Now it is a full-time job just to look for work. Still, it is another opportunity to find something better... but where are the better jobs at?... inquiring minds want to know.

The second New Year's goal: CUERPAZO. Yes to the same stupid goal most of us make: to lose the weight. On January 1st, I told myself: This has to be the last year that you put losing weight on your New Year's list. What were you thinking when you gained back the weight over yet another bad breakup?!... OMG at third New Year's goal interrupting second New Year's goal?!! ~ OMG at more about that later...
Ah-hem... as I was saying before I rudely interruped myself... It was on January 1st that I decided on a plan to lose the weight for the last time by eating what I want but not eating as much and not eating past 7:00 p.m. I figured that even if it takes me all year, even if it is slow to become a reality, it is still a plan. As luck would have it, a couple of days ago, I noticed that my pants were fitting loser. I told myself that it was probably just the elastic wearing down, but just for fun, I decided to measure myself. When I put the tape measure around my waist, there was the proof. I lost three inches from my waist! How was this possible? No exercise, no change in diet except not eating as much and not eating after 7:00 p.m. I ate pizza, bread, tortillas, sugar, even cake.... How could this be? Still trying to convince myself that it wasn't true, I took out the scale to meet the next challenge. OMG @ YES to additional proof of 25 lbs lost since January 1st! How many days is that? I am tempted to get out a calendar, because I still do not believe it: It is 51 days. Time will tell where the next 51 days leads me...

Back to goal number three... to find a boyfriend. I am ok with this goal, because I do not plan for him to become a husband... least not yet, anyway. I don't know why this one is even on the list, because almost all of the relationships with men in my life have been fiascos, but what is common with all of them is that I did not do the choosing. I chose to accept the relationship, but they were not men that I chose. Could that be the reason why? Am I just too timid to make my move? It seems so much easier to accept or not accedpt if a man approches a woman first.
A couple of weeks ago, I was curious about what it would be like to put in an ad, so I answered an ad. The man wasn't what I would like in a boyfriend, but he was kind enough to answer my questions. On a recent trip to the Library, I ran into a man I had seen in the Library last year. I do not know anything personal about this man, except that he seemed excited to know that I am single. Only time will tell if it leads to anything or not.

"The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us." ~ Ashley Montagu

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

::Two Years of Dust::

Swish!! Swoosh!!! ::Cough::Cough:::... So this is what two years of dust looks like!!! Winivere, Winivere, where have you been??!!!#

Well, for one thing, I have not been able to get into my blog, because I forgot how to get in. For another thing, I got a bug on FACEBOOK for having a friend who has a friend who sends viruses! Beware of viruses on Facebook! You may end up losing access to your own computer!

So the facts, as boring as they may sound are these: I have remained computer-less for the past two years and have no clue as to when I will be able to purchase another one or if I will purchase one at all. Because I am unable to access my computer, I have also lost access to my PhotoShop files, so I will not be able to create new Graphic Images for my Blog. That part makes me sad most of all, but fortunately, I do have access to some of the images that I have created in the past.

So when you lose access to your computer, when you lose access to your PhotoShop files, as long as you can be successful at finding your way back into your blog, there is always the Local Library to come to the rescue! YAY!

During this time, I found a job that brought a strong woman like me to tears and tested my enlarged heart on more occassions that one from all of the stress at fighting off the paranas and the huge amount of paperwork. Long and constant prayer is what brought the job to an end... prayers at wishing for an end to all that stress, heart racing, nightmares, constantly getting sick over it. God heard my cry and brought my job to an end. He has given me an opportunity to find something else. He has saved me from death so many times. Surely, that has been because he has a purpose for my Life. Tell me, Lord, what is it that you would want me to do? You know all that I am capable of.

'When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would have not a singe bit of talent left and could say, "I used everything You gave me." '~ Erma Bombeck