Wednesday, February 15, 2012

::Two Years of Dust::

Swish!! Swoosh!!! ::Cough::Cough:::... So this is what two years of dust looks like!!! Winivere, Winivere, where have you been??!!!#

Well, for one thing, I have not been able to get into my blog, because I forgot how to get in. For another thing, I got a bug on FACEBOOK for having a friend who has a friend who sends viruses! Beware of viruses on Facebook! You may end up losing access to your own computer!

So the facts, as boring as they may sound are these: I have remained computer-less for the past two years and have no clue as to when I will be able to purchase another one or if I will purchase one at all. Because I am unable to access my computer, I have also lost access to my PhotoShop files, so I will not be able to create new Graphic Images for my Blog. That part makes me sad most of all, but fortunately, I do have access to some of the images that I have created in the past.

So when you lose access to your computer, when you lose access to your PhotoShop files, as long as you can be successful at finding your way back into your blog, there is always the Local Library to come to the rescue! YAY!

During this time, I found a job that brought a strong woman like me to tears and tested my enlarged heart on more occassions that one from all of the stress at fighting off the paranas and the huge amount of paperwork. Long and constant prayer is what brought the job to an end... prayers at wishing for an end to all that stress, heart racing, nightmares, constantly getting sick over it. God heard my cry and brought my job to an end. He has given me an opportunity to find something else. He has saved me from death so many times. Surely, that has been because he has a purpose for my Life. Tell me, Lord, what is it that you would want me to do? You know all that I am capable of.

'When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would have not a singe bit of talent left and could say, "I used everything You gave me." '~ Erma Bombeck


Kath said...

Well well well winivere,what a suprize I got this early Thursday morning here on blogger ,when I signed in.It's fantastic to find you once again.So many people lost through AOL jornals closing,so many not blogging now due to moving to Facebook.Still I wonder around and keep searching from time to time.I am slowly finding all Old Friends and it is great I found you again.There was a period of time I stopped commenting due to my computer crashing and yes,once back online it takes much time to find our way around again.So many changes.I am so pleased you sound well and I shall be watching out for future posts.Your Blog is beautiful, just as you are,irrespective of you losing your graphics etc.Love you.Look after yourself until I return.PS......I have an appointment to attend today,so I am doing my rounds on Blogger as early as possible this morning Thursday,in case I am not well later in the day.Take Care God Bless Kath Motherhen.

D said...

I am so very very happy you are ok.. I've tried a few times to reach you and natta... I'm sorry for the troubles but.. life is always throwing something at us. Hoping to see you around.. maybe a tech can clean up your computer??? Surely they have to be able to fix it. Be safe ♥


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