Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! The thing I am most grateful for this year is the people who come into my blog.  This has been a year full of drama.  Thanks for being there when I have needed to vent! May the Lord continue to bless you... always.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Count You Twice


It is so nice and cool that there is no need for the air conditioner this weekend! Chick-a-boom, chick-a-boom... Don't you just love it?! 

They were not kidding about the rain in Corpus Christi on Friday and Saturday. It was pouring. I have to say that I was very disappointed in the interview, mainly: (1) because of the low salary and (2) because I would be just another "at will" employee, which means that they can fire you any time without warning. Also, towards the end, I had questions to ask, but the interviewer seemed anxious to end the interview, which to me means that she had not scheduled enough time for the interview, she did not expect me to ask questions, or she was not that much into me. Ouch! Maybe she is just a bad interviewer?

The trip makes me wonder what I need to do in order to relocate. For one thing, to rent an apartment, you have to make at least three times the rental quote., plus you have to have enough money for deposits and/or first and last month's rent. Also, you have to be working at your job for at least six months. Plus, there is the problem of moving your stuff from one location to the other. What would Martha Stewart do? LOL

Friday, November 20, 2009

Today is the Day


Today is the day of my interview in Corpus Christi...  I hope they will like me! There is a flood warning, so I hope I won't have any problems driving up there! Too bad my Blackmobile will not turn into a boat! ha ha... The news reported that they had to close the schools in Rockport because there was eight inches of rain. OMG! Wish me luck!


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Count Your Blessings


Looking at my last post, I am wondering why I made the poor choice of being a career girl instead of a porn star. LOL @ at least I would have gotten some sex out of it. OMG... Did I say that?!#

As previously mentioned, I was put on three days suspension without pay, because I told someone that I bought all of my own office supplies, which my boss said was unprofessional... so I went in the Sunday before to submit eight cases for approval. Why should the kids have to suffer because I was suspended without pay?! So get this... only four of the cases have been approved and that was at almost 5:00 p.m. on Friday. Good grief at am I working too fast for them? And that was with two different set of people reviewing the cases! Well, luckily, I was able to contact the families to request the airfare money for the kids, so hopefully, the money will arrive in time for at least four of the kids to be released to their families before Thanksgiving. Aww, that's so cool!

The bad thing is that they are limiting the hours we can work after 5 p.m. and on the weekend. I am on salary. What's the big deal if they are getting FREE work from me anyway? They are so tight-assed that you can freeze ice from their butts... OMG @ so sorry if that offends, but there is no other way to describe their stupid ways of thinking... I hate control freaks who only want you to do as they say and keep your mouth shut. Grrr...

I have an 8-hour day coming that I haven't taken yet. I am using it to go to an interview in Corpus Christi next Friday. God help me to get the job, even though it means I will finally have to pack to get out of the Valley! It is my dream to get out of here anyway... Sure, I came here to help my family, but all I have done to myself is to totally isolate myself from any kind of resources or assistance. When my car breaks down, I can't even call them to help, because they never answer the phone, and my brother has been without transportation for over a year with no intentions of resolving his transportation problem. My brother is and will always be the favorite, which is fine with me, except that they only contact me when they want to come over to eat at Thanksgiving or if Mother wants me to drive her up to San Antonio. It is too hard to count your Blessings when you live in the Valley, especially if you are alone in the world. I never should have left Corpus Christi.

I hope next week is a better week!


P.S. It was so much easier to follow people's blogs before. What is google friend connect?!#

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Legal Question

Career Paths Pictures, Images and Photos

So yesterday I felt as if I was called into the Principal's office. I will be on Suspension without pay on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday because I told someone from an outside agency that I have paid for all of my own office supplies. My employer said this comment makes the agency look bad. I am on salary and Veteran's Day is a holiday. Am I protected under the law? Do these laws also apply to a non-profit organization? Anyone out there with some legal savvy? Sandra?

The Girl I used to Be Pictures, Images and Photos

When other little girls were busy playing with dolls, I was dreaming of a career. Too bad reality cannot be as perfect and wonderful as the dreams you make up in your imagination. In spite of the obstacles and difficulties of my job, I like my job, but I continue to ask myself the same question: Will I be able to keep my sanity until I am able to reach retirement? And when I finally reach retirement, will I be able to survive on the little amount I will receive?!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's not oVeR!


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OMG @ I can't believe my favorite holiday is over and I didn't add any of my Halloween creations to my blog! Don'tcha just hate it when WORK becomes your entire life?! Grrr... Well, at least Daylight Savings time finally got here! I am all for an extra hour of being younger, although I was two hours younger on Friday! LOL @ I was in California dropping off a child to Foster Care. The Social Worker who met us at the airport was so HOT. OMG @ why couldn't I have been a few YEARS younger instead of only a few HOURS? OMG at his dimples are still fresh on my mind! LOL


OK... So HALLOWEEN is oVeR... but in the Latin culture, there is still All Souls Day and the Day of the Dead... Yep... the celebration continues for two more days. All Souls Day is when people pray for the people who were dear to us who have gone before us. Many people will be visiting the graves of their loved ones today... The Day of the Dead is based on the belief that the dead are allowed to return to earth on this day to be with their loved ones. For this reason, elaborate altars are created in people's homes, and everything is prepared as if they are actually coming to visit. The guest room is prepared for them or extra blankets and linen are laid out for them. An extra plate is set on the table. Their favorite meals and drinks are prepared. There are carnivals and celebrations in the streets with people dressed up like skeletons. Little three dimensional shadow box pictures with skeleton people doing everyday things are created to hang on the wall. The marigold is the flower of the dead, so there are marigolds everywhere, including the altars. Although I am Latin, I had never heard of this celebration until I came to the Valley, but I think it is a cool belief that our loved ones are allowed to visit us on this day and at how creative these people are even though their incomes are limited.