Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's not oVeR!


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OMG @ I can't believe my favorite holiday is over and I didn't add any of my Halloween creations to my blog! Don'tcha just hate it when WORK becomes your entire life?! Grrr... Well, at least Daylight Savings time finally got here! I am all for an extra hour of being younger, although I was two hours younger on Friday! LOL @ I was in California dropping off a child to Foster Care. The Social Worker who met us at the airport was so HOT. OMG @ why couldn't I have been a few YEARS younger instead of only a few HOURS? OMG at his dimples are still fresh on my mind! LOL


OK... So HALLOWEEN is oVeR... but in the Latin culture, there is still All Souls Day and the Day of the Dead... Yep... the celebration continues for two more days. All Souls Day is when people pray for the people who were dear to us who have gone before us. Many people will be visiting the graves of their loved ones today... The Day of the Dead is based on the belief that the dead are allowed to return to earth on this day to be with their loved ones. For this reason, elaborate altars are created in people's homes, and everything is prepared as if they are actually coming to visit. The guest room is prepared for them or extra blankets and linen are laid out for them. An extra plate is set on the table. Their favorite meals and drinks are prepared. There are carnivals and celebrations in the streets with people dressed up like skeletons. Little three dimensional shadow box pictures with skeleton people doing everyday things are created to hang on the wall. The marigold is the flower of the dead, so there are marigolds everywhere, including the altars. Although I am Latin, I had never heard of this celebration until I came to the Valley, but I think it is a cool belief that our loved ones are allowed to visit us on this day and at how creative these people are even though their incomes are limited.




Sybil said...

Hi Win...thanks for comming in and keeping us up to date. Glad all is going ....well....!!
It will soon be your Thanksgiving, hope you have a few dasy holiday from work.
Love Sybil xx

Dannelle said...

Hello GF! Glad you are younger! I aged about ten years this last week, sick, sick, sick. Only sort of did Halloweeen but at least I had my pumpkin Family out!

sarah said...

2hrs. younger. Now that is cool. Halloween - really quiet this year - flu hit our house....Stay safe. Sarah

Senorita said...

Happy Halloween Chica !

LYN said...


Coelha :B said...

Hello! Keep your traditions alive---it's important! :) Hugs, and I hope you had a great Halloween/Day of the Dead celebration.. Julie