Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Autumn Cool Breeze


Well, would you believe I was a redhead for only a week?! LOL @ my hair went back to blonde. I think it is funny, because when I dyed it brown, it went back to blonde. LOL @ am I just supposed to leave it alone?! Shakira! LOL

Anyways, last Wednesday, I had to meet a minor at 5 a.m. at the airport. I flew to Boston, MA, to reunite him with his papi. Too bad I didn't run into any Kennedys, but I did wear my lucky black shirt. LOL... Did you know they stopped giving food on the airplane? Now they charge you for your food! Imagine four dollars for a little bit of cheese and a few crackers! GRRR... I was also disappointed in the huge souvenir magnets they had to choose from, because only one would have taken up all of the space on my refrigerator! OMG @ I decided to get a pair of silver earrings instead. They are long and they are made of tiny little chains. Awesome! I also found an aluminum flaming heart with wings to put on the wall when I was at the Dallas airport and some jumping beans. The beans are so fun. =.) The bad part is that my day did not end until 10:45 p.m. and The Boss From Hell Who Can't Spell only gave me four hours of compensation. That's not right; is it?

Last week, I turned in seven investigations. Four were approved and three kids have already reunited. On Monday I turned in another one, so now I have four cases pending approval.

I have more cases to complete this week. God give me the strength to keep up with my paperwork! It is so much work to get all of the evidence completed, but the best part of my job is when the families are reunited. It's like going through hard labor, and then, giving birth. The struggles are tough, but the rewards are great. God help me to hold on to my job and to survive the She-Devils so I can continue to help these kids.

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Sandy said...

I am reading as many blogs as I can today. Just wanted to let you know I stopped by. I was a RN for 23 years and I agree - paperwork is overwhelming. There's never enough time to get it all done!

Missie said...

No matter what color I dye my hair, within a week, it's back to blonde. No other color stays on my hair.

Senorita said...

Sorry I am late stopping by.

Your bosses are total douches. That doesn't sound legal. You should talk to someone, girl.