Saturday, November 14, 2009

Count Your Blessings


Looking at my last post, I am wondering why I made the poor choice of being a career girl instead of a porn star. LOL @ at least I would have gotten some sex out of it. OMG... Did I say that?!#

As previously mentioned, I was put on three days suspension without pay, because I told someone that I bought all of my own office supplies, which my boss said was unprofessional... so I went in the Sunday before to submit eight cases for approval. Why should the kids have to suffer because I was suspended without pay?! So get this... only four of the cases have been approved and that was at almost 5:00 p.m. on Friday. Good grief at am I working too fast for them? And that was with two different set of people reviewing the cases! Well, luckily, I was able to contact the families to request the airfare money for the kids, so hopefully, the money will arrive in time for at least four of the kids to be released to their families before Thanksgiving. Aww, that's so cool!

The bad thing is that they are limiting the hours we can work after 5 p.m. and on the weekend. I am on salary. What's the big deal if they are getting FREE work from me anyway? They are so tight-assed that you can freeze ice from their butts... OMG @ so sorry if that offends, but there is no other way to describe their stupid ways of thinking... I hate control freaks who only want you to do as they say and keep your mouth shut. Grrr...

I have an 8-hour day coming that I haven't taken yet. I am using it to go to an interview in Corpus Christi next Friday. God help me to get the job, even though it means I will finally have to pack to get out of the Valley! It is my dream to get out of here anyway... Sure, I came here to help my family, but all I have done to myself is to totally isolate myself from any kind of resources or assistance. When my car breaks down, I can't even call them to help, because they never answer the phone, and my brother has been without transportation for over a year with no intentions of resolving his transportation problem. My brother is and will always be the favorite, which is fine with me, except that they only contact me when they want to come over to eat at Thanksgiving or if Mother wants me to drive her up to San Antonio. It is too hard to count your Blessings when you live in the Valley, especially if you are alone in the world. I never should have left Corpus Christi.

I hope next week is a better week!


P.S. It was so much easier to follow people's blogs before. What is google friend connect?!#


Dannelle said...

Gf I hope, pray and BELIEVE you will get the new job! And Move! You are working way too hard for those nasty people who don't even seem to care for the kids- if they did they would call you their Angel, because you are one!

Senorita said...

I hope to God that you get this new job, chica ! The place you are at now is sucking the life out of you.

Sybil said...

I am praying that if it is for the good you will get the job and get out of the valley. You have been way to long doing things all on your own with no one to back you up..I know perhaps you won't have anyone out of the valley either but at least you will know that, and not have someone nearby who you can't rely on....does any of that make sense..!!
well do I ever make much sense LOL.
Trust you knoe you are always in my prayers and send my love to you
sybil xx

rmslil said...

Soory for all your troubles. Praying for you to get the new job and a fresh start.