Saturday, January 3, 2009

My New Year Resolutions


O.K., Winivere... So WHAT do you REALLY-REALLY-REALLY want for 2009?!# Well, two goals have already manifested themselves all by themselves in my prior entry... so let's start with that and go on from there...

1). To respect money and to be more aware of where it is spent... I want to continue to put away $100.00 per pay period through actual $100.00 bills, but... I also want to live on as close to half of my income as possible.

2). To pass probation at work and to take care of my job... This includes taking care of professional relationships, taking advantage of any mentoring that is available, doing all that I can to become an expert at my job, and allowing my work to shine.

3). To live in a doll house... This is a continuation of 2008, which includes simplifying my environment to only those things that make me happy and donating the rest to charity. This also includes being organized enough to be able to find things when I need them.

4). To take better care of myself... In spite of my health problems and my many injuries, I continue to be a walking miracle... It's time to stop putting myself on the backburner of LIFE... Time to lose the weight I gained from the last bad man, to regain my health, and to allow myself to be pampered.

5). To strengthen friendship and family ties by hand-writing more letters... Once a month, I will write a letter to someone who means a lot to me and let them know how much I appreciate them being a part of my life.

Yes! These are things that I really-really-really want! Sounds like a good plan!


Summary of what happened this week...

1). In the local news, a man stole a string of cars, shot and killed a woman at the grocery store in Harlingen, drove to another town thirty minutes away, drove a car through the entrance doors of Wal-Mart and drove the car back out through the other doors, injured several people, shot himself, cried for his mother, and then, committed suicide.

2). One of the new kids ran away from the shelter on Tuesday.

3). My first case was approved for reunification of a child and his parents who have not seen each other in 16 years.

4). People at work have started a weight-loss challenge. You put $20.00 to join and add $1.00 per pound that you gain per weigh-in. The weigh-ins will be every two weeks. The time frame is only for three months. I wasn't going to join, but the girls at the office continue to whisper in front of my face! If joining this challenge helps me to bond with these people, it will be worth investing the $20.00 for it.

5). I have submitted a second case for approval.

6). The kid on my caseload who has been at the shelter the longest finally has a sponsor. That was a big surprise, because I thought the mother had given up!

7). My little soldier has been acting up. Makes me wonder if he is ADD. His brother keeps calling me and says he would like to meet me. Too bad his brother is only 28 years old. LOL

8). Looks as if we had a very short winter... only a few days of cold weather. Christmas was at 85 degrees... The girls at work are always cold so it feels like an oven at the office.

9). I have a phone now! So now I have a desk and a phone and a black pen and a red pen. LOL... I am still waiting for a computer...

P.S... Sorry for the butt shot. LOL @ I can't see why some people think this looks sexy.


Estela said...

Win, I will add you to my prayer list,that you pass probation and that this job turns out to be a permanent one. When is your probation period over?

The weight loss club at work sounds like a good way to break the ice. And remember, the girls may not be whispering about you, they're probably talking about the boss, but since you're new, maybe they don't think they can trust you, so they whisper.

Be good to yourself. Your financial plan sounds wonderful! I have always lived waaaaay beneath my means and I scrounged up money here & there to save for my old age. You can do it too! Everyone can.

Stay in touch.

Estela in South TX

Rose said...

Your plan for the future is in tact and sounds wonderful. You are doing a great job.

You are in my prayers daily.

Don't worry about the ladies in the office whispering...they most likely are not talking about you.

You are a beautiful person. They are lucky to have you in that office as I know you are doing a good job and care about your work.

Hugs, Rose

Emmi said...

Love the weight loss at work idea. Glad you joined ... hope you win the pot of gold.

Joyce said...

Please explain to me why you have a problem with a 28 yr. old man?
Hugs, Joyce

NurseExec said...

Randomly found your blog and am fascinated. I'll be following. Have a wonderful weekend!

Missy said...

Very interesting week indeed and I think the butt shot is cute.

Your idea of living on half your income is a good one. I wish I could manage that. *M*

Missy said...
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Myra said...

Your 2009 goals certainly seem do-able. Just set your mind to it, and go! Your financial plan sounds great; the weight loss, at least you know how it started, and know how to lose it.

Coelha :B said...

Take one day at a time, and do your best at work-ignore the whispers-you'll do great! :) Julie

Melissa said...


AGirlNexDoorCreation said...

Keeping you in thoughts on the probration period time...sounds like you are enjoying the job so glad to hear sound good at what you do...wishing you a great 2009..Hugs,TerryAnn

just me said...

I really like your idea of living on 1/2 your income. When I get a job I am going to see how close I can get to that goal too. Thanks for the idea.

Bethe said...

Hi Win-i love the wt loss idea and the putting the $100 per pay perios away. gosh, it'would be great if I could do that. Hmmmm????

Sounds like your kids are doing OK. A desk and a phone? It sounds like you are workingyour way up to being a full fledged employee. I have never heard of someone hiring not even given you the tools you need to do the job. Well, at least things are getting better. I'm happy for ya!


Linda S. Socha said...

I like your Plans and Resolutions and think they sound wonderful and inspiring. I look forward to seeing how it goes well...

Shadow said...

you've had one helluva week.....

but your resolutions??? rock!!!!!!!

Lynne said...

A lot going on with you and I love your resolutions, especially #5. That is way cool. Hope you have a wonderful week! God Bless!

Yasmin said...

Happy New Year and grat goals for 2009.

Take care


Terri said...

Wonderful resolutions!!

I'm gonna be right there with you trying to lose weight girlie...hope you win the $ at work...You can do it!!


ADM DESIGN'S said...

Good luck with everything

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Good luck with everything