Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Traditions and Superstitions

New Year

 Here are a few 
New Year Traditions and Superstitions. 
Can you think of some more?

* Firecrackers and making noise scares away evil spirits.
* If you don’t clean your home by midnight, your home will be dirty all year. 
* Before midnight, make sure you have money in your pockets or purse.
* At midnight, open the doors and windows to let out the Old Year and to bring in the New Year.
* Pay bills before New Year’s Day.
* The first person to come into your home should be a good-looking dark-haired man bringing gifts of bread, salt, wine, and fresh fruit.
* For good luck, eat 12 grapes, pork, black eyed peas, lentils, greens or cabbage.
* Using scissors or knives will cut off any fortune coming your way.
* Washing dishes, washing your hair, washing clothes will wash away luck and can cause death in the family in the coming year.
* To keep your money, on New Year’s Day, nothing of value should leave the house, do not pay for anything, do not lend money, do not give away precious gems.
*Wear red underwear for love and yellow underwear for prosperity.
* For love, health, and prosperity, dance around a tree.


Samantha said...

I've never heard these superstitions befor, but the one about cleaning your house by midnight explains a lot in my life! LOL.

Senorita said...

Hell, my room is dirty all year anyway, so that saves me from having to clean it in time for the new year !

And I should be pretty damn lucky this coming year since I don't do dishes often anyway. I've let some luck accumulate.

I do hope for a good looking dark haired man to walk through my door wherever he is.

I am also moving on New Years, so wish me luck !

Rose said...

I have to admit, I've never heard of any of these superstitions before.

Happy New Year!

Fireblossom said...

How can I pay bills AND not spend any money?

Anonymous said...

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Winivere said...

In response to Fireblossom: You are supposed to pay your bills by 12-31. You are not supposed to spend money on New Years Day.

Sybil said...

The first six are the same ones we have here but havn't heard of the rest, I remember years ago Mother would never stop working on Auld Years Day as she cleaned the house from top to bottom, made the food for the New Year Party that always began with the first foot arriving just after midnight...Al changed these days...
Wishing you much Joy and Happiness throughout 2010
Love Sybil xx

Jimmy's Journal said...

There's no chance that I'll be home before 12:00 so I'd better leave Possum a note to Vacuum.

Grapes? Been there, comi eso!

If a dark-haired man comes into my house with fruit, there's a good chance he'll be shot, especially if he's wearing red or yellow underwear!

Prospero Ano!


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