Monday, December 21, 2009

::Meet Me Under The Mistletoe::


Christmas is on Friday, so I am going to try to add more Christmas tags this week. I couldn't resist this picture of Bridget and Mr. Darcy. I hope I did it justice. I love it when she says good boys don't kiss like that! Way to go, Mr. Darcy! LOL

The lady who interviewed me on Friday said I would hear something today, but I would like to think they are still deciding because I didn't get a call. 

I was a bit nervous about going to the employment office,  because I used to work for them, so there is always a chance that I will run into people who are going to ask: What are you doing now? Thank God all the people in front were people who don't know me... The pickings onsite were minimal... very minimal... Still, I applied for a couple of jobs today, and tomorrow, I have an employment test for a different job... 

The employment office is close to the St. Jude shrine, but there is construction closing off the street to the shrine, so I had to go all the way around. It is usually very quiet and peaceful at the shrine, but today, there was a child that was very, very loud... Whenever I hear children acting like that, I am grateful that I do not have litle kids... The child's loud screams was a definite sign that I was not going to be able to pray, so I went into the shop to look around. I was surprised that there was hardly anything for sale in the shop.. What happened?!# I bought a green candle and walked back to the shrine. Fortunately, the child was gone and so were his screams. Yay! I put a little bit of holy water all over my body , asking God to bless me so that I can continue to bless others and I blessed the candle, too, before I lit it and knelt down to pray, hoping to find a little bit of peace within myself.


P.S... One of my friends says what I have is valour. I like to think so. =.)

Valor/Valour... The quality of mind enabling one to face danger or hardship resolutely: braveness, courage, fearlessness, foritude, gallantry, heart, spirit, valiance, spunk, gutsiness... The quality or state of being heroic.