Tuesday, December 22, 2009

::Snow Princess::


It's funny that I have 90 followers but there's only a small handful who will  actually leave comments. I often wonder if they take the time to read what I write or if they just snag the graphics I make... 

Today, I met with the other candidates who are applying for jobs with the Census Bureau. As I filled out the application, I reconsidered applying for this job, because they ask you if you have ever been fired and if you owe the government any money (student loan) and did I mention that they say: READ THIS BEFORE YOU SIGN: If you don't tell the truth, we'll fire you if we hire you and you may be prosecuted if you are committing perjury for false information. Grrr... On the positive side, I am alive, I am available for work, and I do not have any criminal charges. 

I was a bit disappointed to miss some of the questions, but I scored a 90, which the woman said was very good.



Senorita said...

Hi Win,

Good luck, I hope you get a new job soon. I know it's hard to be without a job right now, but your last job was sucking the life out of you and you deserve so much better.

You have a lot of followers and it doesn't seem like anyone has removed you off their list, so that is a good sign. You also have to keep in mind that you've been very busy lately.

Unfortunately the reality here in blogland is that if you aren't commenting on others' blogs regularly they will stop commenting on yours. I think that is why you get fewer comments than you used to, but for good reason ! You had a lot on your plate with the She-Devils.

You've been a reader on my blog for about 4 years now since I was on AOL and for that I am forever greatful.

You are also a strong woman, a survivor, and I have a lot of respect for you.

Mark said...

Better to be honest when it comes to the government, good luck!