Saturday, December 19, 2009

All I Want For Christmas


December 18 is my favorite day of the year... This year, I had my first interview after being fired in the same week! See how great that date is for me! I was very disappointed that it took half a tank of gas to get to and from the interview. I hope it will be the last time that I have to travel that far to look for work...

I went to sleep the night before, not knowing what I was going to wear (shocker)... I wore  a black tank with a cowl neckline, black pants, and a pinstripe jacket and boots. The closest jewelry within reach was a waterpearls necklace and earrings that I had worn recently, so I put that on. Basically God dressed me, because I ended up wearing whatever was clean and not wrinkled. LOL... When I sat down, there was a woman waiting to meet a child and her deaf sister. I was surprised that I was able to speak a little sign language with her. Then, a kid that I knew walked up to me. He was transferred from the shelter where I used to work. He couldn't believe that I had left the facility. Have I mentioned that the children at the shelter loved me? Kids know. Too bad adults can be such haters!

The woman who interviewed me was almost wearing the same outfit as I was. LOL... I have to say that the interview went well. I think I made a good impression, because when we talked about my reasons for not being at my job anymore, she said it really doesn't matter. Basically, I just told her that I was burned out from the driving distance everyday and that when I left the job on Tuesday, the feelings were mutual. Also, when she said that if I were to get the job, they would need my transcripts, she was impressed that I pulled them straight out of my briefcase. She was able to make copies right away and I signed papers for the background check.

After the interview, I was debating whether to go to Red Lobster or not, because the cost of a meal is like between a third or half of a week's groceries! It was exactly like that angel vs devil on my shoulders routine... Yes, in the end I gave in... I ordered water with lemon to cut costs. As I sat there eating my meal,the food was not as good as other Red Lobster restaurants that I have experienced. I paid my bill and purposely over-tipped the waitress because it is the Christmas holidays... How crazy is that when you have no income coming in? But when I came out of the restaurant, I had to laugh at myself, because God never ceases to surprise me...

A friend whom I used to work with came out of the same restaurant a few minutes after I did! I found her with no effort. I found her with God's effort! We exchanged phone numbers and she is going to write me a letter of recommendation. Yay! So I figure if God pushes you somewhere, go! The price of a meal at a restaurant when you have no income may sound stupid but the price of a letter of recommendation from a friend who believes in you, priceless! =.)



Senorita said...

I am SO happy to hear that things are looking up for you ! I really hope you get the job !

Did I tell you that I used to work as a waitress at Red Lobster ?

Kath said...

Whoo-Hoo Win I am so happy the interview went well.As for the meal..You have to speculate to accumalate and you accumalated your friends good deed.Good Luck I hope you are successful,you certainly deserve to be.Also may I say I bet you looked fantastic.Have a lovely weekend.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Myra said...

See...that other job was just to teach you some lessons, whatever those are, but you know it was a toxic environment. Now, look at you, interviewing and eating out! I know you will be fine...let it go, and God will handle the rest! Take care...

entsala said...

hey win, i really hate that you have to deal with the trauma of being fired. BUT i'm glad that the Lord has blessed you with a good interview and recommendation! i hope you get the job of your dreams-you certainly deserve it! merry Christmas! much love, angelia

Sybil said...

You must have looked a knock out in that outfit and of course the interviewer wearing a similar outfit must have meant you were dressed just right for the keeping fingers crossed that if it is Gods will, you will get the job. Sounds like you had good luck going into the Red did the waitress LOL !! (We don't have the red lobster over here but Mary and I enjoyed the chain when we were in Toronto...)
Kepp your chin up and keep the faith all will be well,
Love sybil x

LORENZO said...

I see that I have a lot of catching up to do with the events posted on your blog. I will stop in one of these nights to read and enjoy the artwork. I remembered that your holiday art is very interesting.Hope all is well. LL


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