Sunday, December 13, 2009

Waiting for Santa

Last Wednesday after work, I went to find an outfit for Saturday. That was hard, because there wasn't much to pick from and/or the items were either too big or too small. Most of the red or Christmasy items had a red ticket, so I had to settle for holiday festive. That was hard, too, because all I could find was a tank top with silver sequins at the neckline. I matched it up with a black ruffled wrap sweater and a black flippy skirt and silver accessories. After trying on so many things in the dressing room, I was too exhausted to try my final choice on, so I just hoped for the best and came home.

On Friday, I read somewhere that if you are bloated, beano can shed like three to four inches off your waistline overnight! OMG! Well, there's nothing wrong with checking it out, so I bought something similar at the store with hopes that it would do it's magic. The pharmacist explained that when you get gas in your intestines, it's like a huge bubble. This medication acts like an efferdecent. It breaks up the big bubble into a lot of little bubbles so that it is easier to come out. LOL...

On Saturday, I put on my makeup and fixed my curly hair, as best as it would allow, added a little rhinestone hairclip on the left side, and wiggled myself into a pair of pantihose. I wore my black hoodie with some jeans and my black pumps. When I got to the store, I went looking for some tops that I was considering to buy and put them on hold. Then, I went into the dressing room to change into my outfit. Well, it wasn't the best, but considering what I had to work with, it met the rules! When I came out, I noticed that all of the dressing rooms were full! One lady was wearing the red top I liked inside a pencil skirt, but they made her take it off, because it had a red tag. The bad part was that she had only minutes to find a new outfit. OMG at I am glad that wasn't me!

So, we finally lined up. I think they went by outfit, because the line went from Christmasy to holiday festive to non-holiday dressy to casual everyday wear.  There were eleven of us in all shapes and sizes. I was second in line. The first girl was wearing a red and black dress with a black shrug.  As per our directions, she walked to the right, stopped and posed while the photographers took pictures, walked to the middle, stopped and posed for more pictures, and then walked to the left to pose for the audience and for more pictures. There were a few customers in chairs watching us. Then, it was my turn. I was a bit more "top model," remembering Tyra Banks "fierce" runway suggestions, although not as extreme... After all, I AM in the Valley. LOL... I stopped and posed to the right, went to the middle, posing with the silver purse in my hands with my legs apart, and ended with a Marilyn Monroe pose on the left. Because there was no applause for the first model, I was surprised that there was applause for me, and a lady in the audience commented that I did "really good."  So then the other girls go up to model, but I didn't see them, because I was already at the end of the line. On the second round, we went in pairs. This was hard because all of this was unrehearsed and I couldn't see what the other girl was doing, but I got through it. On the third round, we just walked around the runway so the audience could see our outfits. OMG... so does this mean that I am Fashion Bug's next top model! LOL... I was really surprised at all the sales the store got from our modeling, so I guess we did really good.

In the end, I didn't buy the outfit I wore, but I got 30% off all regular-priced items that I wanted to buy. The red top had a red ticket, so I had to hunt for another red ticket item at the same price so I could get the second item at half price. 

So... I bought the red top with red roses at the neckline, the tank with silver sequins at the neckline that I modeled at the fashion show, a turquoise print top with silver embroidery and sequins at the neckline, a purple top with 3/4 sleeves and black roses on the left side, and a black velour hoodie, all for under $100 after taxes! OMG at Winivere models hard for the money! LOL @ not buying anything new all year, Winivere finally has some new things!


P.S... The drama at work continues... I have to meet with my boss every Friday so she can review my files every week. I hate it. People in the Valley have a different way of thinking. At this job, the only way to survive is to be passive, submissive, shut up, and do what you are told. As far as relationships with a man in this area, there is no difference: be passive, submissive, shut up, and do what you are told... Sometimes, or should I say: most times, I just want the ground to swallow me up.

Thank God for the modeling I did on Saturday! It was a lot of fun and a welcomed little escape from all that drama at work! =.)


Sybil said...

Oh Win what fun you must have exciting doing all that dressing up. I am glad that you managed to get some bargains afterwards. Glad that you are beginning to get the way of working at work best way to do it I think, just play it there way, even if you don't always agree,,,after all it is a wage packet at the end of the month.
Love Sybil xx

Kath said...

I rearly enjoyed popping in to see you again Winivere and I can imagine you there,a beautiful gal in beautiful clothes.I bet you felt the bees knees as we say here in England,all dressed up in your finery.Well done you on treating yourself to new outfits you deserve them.You work so hard.Hang in ther girlat work head down and like Sybil says think of your salary at the end of the month,try forget the rest of them and your superiors.Many are out of work,it's a blessing to have a job today..Merry Christmas Winivere and A Very Happy New Year To You.Hugs Kath xx

Senorita said...

I hope things get better for you at work.

I'm glad that you got some new pretty things. You deserve it.

Merry Christmas !