Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Year's Superstitions & Traditions


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With New Year's Eve approaching, it is interesting to note that some people perform certain New Year's rituals. Are there any that you might add?

1. Stay up past midnight.

2. Kiss someone at midnight.

3. Open & close doors to let out the Old Year & let the New Year in.

4. Money must be placed in every wallet in the place to ensure for a prosperous year.

5. Eat 12 grapes at midnight.

6. Wear red panties or boxers for love.

7. Wear gold panties or boxers for prosperity.

8. Throw coins into the home at midnight and leave them there for 24 hours. Then, put them on your altar or give them to the needy.

9. Make New Year's resolutions.

10. Eat fish for prosperity.

11. Eat black-eyed peas for luck and money. (yuck!) LOL

12. There should be food in the cupboard and in the refrigerator.

13. Make noise to ward off evil spirits.

14. Checks should be written & mailed before January 1st.

15. Wear something new on New Year's Day to ensure receiving more new clothes in the year.

16. Dance around a tree in the open air to have good luck in love, prosperity, and health.

17. Don't throw anything out on New Year's Day, not even garbage.


P.S... The New Moon joined us yesterday. Time to stop dieting & eat "normal" within reason... Didn't do so well this time around, because there were too many temptations ~ fresh baked cookies, tamales, and of course, chocolate (although the chocolate did bring about what could have been a great dream)! LOL


Chrissie said...

My mother did the black eye peas on New Years Day and everyone in the family HAD to eat them. I would only eat one bean so she would leave me alone. Now as an adult I actually like them.
We stay up and do the kiss at midnight, but that's it.
Take care, Chrissie

Missy said...

I don't really have any traditions for New Years. I usually make a resolution and that's about it. *M*

Shadow said...

whoooa, where have i been. i haven't heard of any of these except the stay up past midnight one. and therefore don't have any to add either...

Lynne said...

Some people do a midnight mass or prayer, I don't think I saw that on the list!

LAWRENCE said...

Growing up, we'd run out on the front lawn to bang on pots and pans at midnight. My grandfather had an old bugle in the closet he'd try to play too. Some good memories of those holidays.

Winivere said...

Lynne, midnight mass is on Christmas Eve, not New Years Eve.

Myra said...

I always thought that what you are doing at midnight is indicative of how the rest of the year will be. So if you're rip roaring drunk, well, need I say more! As for me, I'm usually asleep at midnight, so my year is usually pretty quiet :) What can I say, I'm old!

Mike said...

I'll pass on wearing the panties, but hey that's just me.

Estela said...

I'm with Myra, what is going on at midnight is indicative of the rest of the year, therefore I make sure I have money in my wallet and I make sure I'm with my family. Our tradition has always been to be at my parents, and now with my parents being 79 & 80, we treasure every single moment we can spend with them.

I will pass on getting drunk this NY Eve, don't want to fall on my crutches & break another bone!

Estela in South TX

Missie said...

We always eat pork and sauerkraut New Years day for a good upcoming year.

Senorita said...

Ooh, good ideas !

I ate the 12 grapes when I lived in Barcelona. I also washed them down with Cava, a Catalan champagne.

This year, I will be sportin' my red lace panties in hopes of finding true, passionate love.

Happy New Year to you, Chica !!

Joyce said...

We always have hot cross buns for breakfast and black eyed peas with supper for good luck. I gave up on resolutions years ago and I haven't been awake to see the New Year in for ages...that's an old age thing. lol.
Hugs, Joyce

LYN said...

I have heard of some of those but a few were new...

i emailed you my email but here it is in case... ;-)

ADB said...

Wishing you well for the new year,


Anonymous said...

I throw everything out, no matter the day...hate clutter. I think lots of rituals are just unconscious mimicking behavior.
Have a great new year & keep (reasonably) safe. ~Mary

Cathy said...

I go around to all my statues and replace the penny with a "new" one. I don't WANT to but some Italian tradition growing up is embedded in my catholic guilt, so if I don't, I know the year will be "poor" lol. Humans are nuts, eh? I like the red panties idea tho. Hey don't forget tonight, I have all the details posted, fellow star-gazer.

Cathy said...

Hey Win, I just saw Lynne's odd comment, and I think she means the New Year's Eve "midnight mass', very different from the actual XMas Eve one. The church is the nearest bar, the prayers are said on your knees before a white porcelan god, and you pray for early death. Or aspirin, whichever's quickest.

Veronica B. EDMD said...

We always believed that the way you brought in the New Year is the way your new year would go. If you were surrounded by friends or family, you'd have a year filled with friends and family. If you traveled somewhere, you would spend the year traveling. Etc.

Anyway, I hope you are surrounded in love and prosperity tonight! Happy New Year!!


Clay said...

So that's the problem with many Americans. We place our credit cards in our wallets and not actual cash on NYE.

Bethe said...

I had never heard of most of the things on the list. That is grandmother was very supperstitious.

LQQK at all your commenters-Amazing!

Oh wanted to tell you I love your new Years tags : )