Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dear SaNTa...


People at work are busy making their Christmas lists for the Secret Santa exchange... On one side, they are writing what they don't like and on the other side, they are writing what they like. It's all too funny, because they look like little kids who write letters to Santa, except that my coworkers are expecting gifts of at least $25.00 in addition to the other four daily small gifts...


Unfortunately, I cannot afford to play along. I keep counting the days until payday, but it is still so far away... I was so embarrassed this week, because Maxine invited me to come to her office to eat. I only had raman noodles to eat and I had to eat it cold because there is no breakroom to heat up my food. The previous day, I tried to take hot soup in a school size thermos, but the soup arrived cold... It was not very tasty cold...


The way I see it, if I cannot buy gifts for my family this year, surely, I cannot afford to buy for coworkers... I don't know most of them, anyway, and there is no guarantee that I would get Maxine or Anna, who are the ones that I like best... If I want to give someone a gift, I would rather give a gift to someone directly, not expecting anything in return... Why do people think that if a gift is expensive, it is a great gift? I would much rather receive something that took some thought or something that is homemade, even if it is only worth a couple of dollars... Is that stupid thinking?


I used to love Christmas, but ever since people turned it into a money making business, it just doesn't feel the same. As for me and my family, we will continue to keep the Christmas traditions.


P.S... The landlady left me a nasty note, because I asked her for a 30-day notice form. Last night, it was colder than usual, but the weather is back to normal today. I had to take Tidbit (my cockatiel) into the bathroom, because it is warmer there, and I slept on the floor in the middle of the apartment, because I couldn't get the heater to work. I am surprised that I slept so good that I didn't wake up until 9:30 this morning. OMGG... what if it had been a work day?! I will be so happy to be out of this apartment. I hope I pass probation at work, so I can move from here, because I really-really- really hate living in this apartment... LOL... I only have three bins to pack stuff into, so this weekend, I am going to start packing stuff from the kitchen... When I get paid, I will have to buy more bins. I wish I could begin the New Year in a new place, but it may have to be later than that... God, please help me to pass my probation at work!

The moon continues to wax... new seasons of increase are manifesting themselves in my life... This week, I found a penny on the ground... Yay @ pennies from heaven... a sweet message from God not to worry, that all of my needs will be met... Makes me feel God's wings of comfort all around me as if God is giving me a hug... Makes me happy!

P.S.S.. AGAIN?! LOL... If anyone would like to exchange Christmas cards by snail mail, please leave me your address at with "Xmas Cards" in the subject line. XX


Remo said...

I think it is rude and inconsiderate to automatically expect people to participate in office gifting like Secret Santa. I hope things continue to move towards your betterment.

Lawrence said...

Times are tough, but you will make it through! My roommate in college in I always remember the days when we split cans of Campbell's tomato soup and how we spoke while eating, "good, good soup, isn't this good?"

Quoting Winston Churchill, "If you're going through Hell, just keep going."

Holidays aren't about the presents, you already know that. Make something or write something for those ladies and leave it on their desk without mentioning it or without making a ceremony about it.

Chrissie said...

Things will get better just keep your faith.
I remember when all I had to eat was pbj sandwiches, but it was food.
Take care, Chrissie

MISSY said...

We're doing the Secret Santa but with a $10.00 limit. I didn't think that was too bad until everything else popped up that I had to do. My son is doing Secret Santa at school and karate. Christmas dinners were I gotta bring stuff and more random gifts I gotta come up with. I really don't like Christmas!!!! *M*

Cathy said...

Ah Wini my fellow Luna and Norma Jean lover - everything you need is at hand. When it's needed most, you'll see it.

Coelha :B said...

Keep positive.. Christmas is not about gift giving. Your friends will undertand. Hugs - Julie

Sybil said...

My dear say just what I was saying the oter day...why do people put a monetary cost on presents...I ADORE home made gifts . I was saying this to a freidn teh aother day as she had made a magnificent my eyes...nativity..and I said to het if I had that as a gift it would be worth more to me than someone spending a fortune on me....she looked at me as if I was daft..or just being kind to say that...but I MEANT it...I am sure it's the other that are out of step not us !!! as for Xmas cards. well you know dear Win that I wish you well always not just at Christmas and the cost of post it so expncive I wouldn't expect a card from e mail one would be nice though !!!
Much Love SYbil xx

Lynne said...

Gifts worth receiving are born of the heart! Things will get better for you Wini, because you work hard and keep the faith. Timing is not always as quick as we'd like it to be, but keep your faith that God has placed you exactly where He wants you to be at this moment. Things will get better, hang in there!

My worst meal...when I was growing up we had boxed milk, clumps of bread and a bit of sugar morning, noon and night. I despise boxed milk! LOL

Yasmin said...

I really dislike that Secret Santa thing, you should give gifts because you want to, also you've only just started so how can they expect you to partcipate, Christmas is so commercila nowadays.


Terri said...

I hope everything goes well with your probation at work so you can find a place to call "home" where you are comfortable. I don't join in on the Secret Santa at work anymore, I did once..but I have so many to buy for in my family...and I also take a bell off the Angel Tree at work for a needy child.. I would much rather do that than Secret Santa at work...when it's really not necessary.

Nice journal...I loveeee your tag...great job!


Bethe said...

Twenty five dollars!! That is outrageous for a secret Santa. Half the time it's stuff you don't want or would ever use. Yes, gifts from the heart is what is important.

mile191 said...

thank you for writing this. i agree.

and mostly I came to say thank you for your comment on amy's blog.
this one:
...but remember that friends are God's way of apologizing for family! Put your arms around yourself and receive my hugs and know that you are loved.

it meant a lot to me, and i think that it was good. i reminded her of what you said today. she is not having a good day. thanks for being her friend. take care. and you have a great blog. ♥