Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dear Santa: It's Bettie Page!


"I was not trying to be shocking, or to be a pioneer.

I wasn’t trying to change society, or to be ahead of my time.

I didn’t think of myself as liberated,

and I don’t believe that I did anything important.

I was just myself.

I didn’t know any other way to be, or any other way to live."

~Bettie Page


Who is Bettie Page?!# OMG @ I can't believe someone asked that! Bettie Page was the most famous Pinup of the 1950's. She is known as the Queen of Pinup. Bettie had a Bachelor of Arts degree, but during the 1950's women were not taken seriously in business, so after college, she worked as a secretary. After she was "discovered" she posed for photographs that were shocking for her time. She knew how to sew, so she made her costumes and bikinis. She also posed nude and for fetish and bondage photographs. She stopped posing for photographs after she had a spiritual experience, and in her later life, worked as a missionary to spread the word of God.


In the movie "Clueless," Claire refers to her mom as a "Bettie." That means her mom was hot, a total babe... Although Bettie Page was a very pretty girl, she survived three divorces. It's funny how most pretty girls are not lucky in love...


I guess that must mean that I am really beautiful, because I am not lucky in love at all! LOL... Of course, there have been many men that I have ignored... I have men giving me their phone numbers all of the time, but I usually end up losing their number... be it coincidental or a subconcious act! LOL


Last week, I think the maintenance man, aka The Hammer Guy (sounds more hip~ LOL), was trying to ask me out. OMG @ how young is that guy? Thank God, I don't show my age... Besides, I work for a religious organization and it is never a good idea to mix in the office ink, so that sounds like a double whammy! LOL... I felt kind of pervy the other day, because I was physically attracted to the newspaper reporter, aka Clark Kent Stud. That one is only 21 years old... OMG @ I had to slap myself silly about that one! LOL...


Most people in the world are so busy trying to find someone to live their life with... Most of them do not know how to cook, do not have an education, do not have a career, might not even be a little bit attractive, but they are still looking... I have been too busy trying to survive... Are my priorities off balance?!



Lynne said...

A wise ole' netghost once told me, "Looks can take you where you want to go, but its your personality that keeps you there." Well you're already a beautiful lady, but I think its wonderful that you are building a solid foundation of staples (the inward person) and when the time happens, it will be a true love for you. I think that is cool!

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Nah, when you're trying to focus on surviving, there's nothing wrong with that. I do that all the time. LOL at someone asking you who Bettie Page was. You are getting quite tricky with the hand slapping, Wini. Love it. I love the comment that your tags are saucy. Saucy is cool and so are you. HUGS

Coelha :B said...

I'm glad I read your blog--I didn't know her whole story! RIP Bettie! Julie :)

MISSY said...

There's nothing wrong with finding someone attractive :) *M*

Veronica B. EDMD said...

Nothing is wrong with having a little diversion while you're at work. Congrats! I know that you're there to change lives and do good deeds. Stop worrying about what you think others might be thinking and show them the talent and skills that got you that job!



ADM DESIGN'S said...

Wonderful tag! Naughty sure is more fun!! LOL

Bethe said...

I guess that is why I don't look for love anymore....Too busy surviving.

Hey, you can look. And flirt, why not?!


Joyce said...

I have to admit I knew nothing about this woman. Yes, I'm one of the one's who didn't know who she was. Do you still love me? lol
Hugs, Joyce

Senorita said...

Hey Win,

You didn't really say in your post if you wanted to go out with Hammer Guy. Or it could be that I wasn't reading carefully.

You just started your job, so starting something up would be a bad idea.

You definitely have your priorities straight. You are on the right path.

Charli said...

Hi! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I have enjoyed reading yours... I really like this post. When Bettie died, a lot of people I talked to didn't know who she was. I was shocked. I thought everyone did. She was amazing.

Also - I have to recommend to you "Marilyn" by Joyce Carol Oats. It is a fictional account of her life - historically true, but with some stuff filled in. It gave me a great understanding of her psychology.