Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Fling~ Think Spring!


This was a week that literally pushed at all my anxiety buttons. OMG @ the week threatened to set me back every single day!"
On Monday, the phones and the internet were not working. I was fortunate to be able to do some work from my little "memory" stick. Otherwise, I probably would have followed in my co-workers' shoes: playing with their cell phones, text messaging themselves right in front of each other...
On Tuesday, we couldn't print from our computers.
On Wednesday, we were short on direct care workers, so I had to accompany a Minor to court. Fortunately, the Eye drove us so I didn't have to drive the van. I am not looking forward to driving the van. I am hoping they will get more direct care workers so we won't have to do it... Anyways, as I was saying before I interrrupted myself: I wasted all morning sitting in the waiting lobby, because the court assistant wouldn't let me into court. I later found out that no one is allowed into court. How lame is that? The purpose for someone going with the Minor is in case the Minor becomes disruptive in court...
On Thursday, we had staffing in the morning on all of the cases, so I lost the morning...
They split up my Group B and scattered my kids into different groups, so now all of the new kids that are coming in are creating a brand new group B. That is bad for me, because it means that there is more probability for me to have a higher caseload because of this. That also means that I have to make the time to sneak in an Orientation between all the maddening competition of all of people who are required to make contact with them on "day one" of their time at the shelter.
On Friday morning, the firemen showed up to do a presentation with the kids and I had to be out there with the kids... It was so H-O-T. Why is it always so HOT in the Valley?! Grrr @ Jones' air condition is not working. That's more money I will have to give to the mechanic. Oh God, please let it only be that he needs more freon!
So counting... the actual amount of time that I was able to work this week was approximately three afternoons which is approximately 12 hours? OMG!!! I guess I didn't do so bad then! My two oldest cases are still trailing behind, but I was able to turn in one case for approval, and I was able to convince four Sponsors to start sending in the beginning paperwork so I've jumped a big giant step for Reunifications on Monday! I hope I didn't miss any filing or extensions last week...
I don't remember if I mentioned the man who was looking for me at my previous job. I do not remember what he looks like, but my friend Daisy put him in touch with me. Now I am paying the price, because he calls and calls. The last time I talked to him, he was like "give me some kind of hope that you will go out with me sometime." OMG @ I don't know whether to nickname him Fatal Attraction or Psycho. LOL
I am still looking for an apartment. Comparing prices and space, I am still considering the two bedroom townhouse. It is a shame that the one bedroom is not available. It would have been perfect.



Lynne said...

When I was dating, I found it best to be direct, and not be nice. Some men will play on a female being nice and will continue the unwanted attentions in hope she'll change her mind. Good luck!

Sybil said...

Dear Win, whoever would have thought just 3 short months ago you were desperate to get a job,,, and now you have so much to do you are almost buried under it....It just goes to show how we should be grateful for every day working or not...You are doing so well in the job I am so proud of you.
I agree with Lynne and the unwanted attention....just say NO GET LOST and put the phone that a few times and he should get the hint !!
keep Smiling,
Love Sybil x

friedmsw said...

Sounds like the famous "do more with less" at work with your caseload going up. Sorry you had such a trying week this past week. Hoping things will be better next week and there will be good outcomes for you!

I have gotten the heads-up that there will be many admissions at the hospital this coming weeks on each of my services. So, I am working on getting myself psyched up for it.

Senorita said...

So were the firemen hot ? LOL

Before I got my current car, I used to drive an old piece of crap car where the AC busted.

It used to get so hot during the summer, and I still never got it fixed. $500 was just too much money for me to hand over.

Coelha :B said...

Wow... What a week!! I sure hope you are enjoying your weekend!! I'm going to go with what Lynne said for advice. I have that problem of being too nice, hoping they would get the hint that I wasn't really interested. Sometimes it worked...sometimes it took a while. Take care--I hope this week goes better! Julie

Shadow said...

wow, busy girl! i hope your weekend was at least a relaxing one!

Joyce said...

A busy work week Wini. Sure am missing you in the group and personaly. I'm glad you are working though. It was a very dry spell.
Hugs, Joyce