Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Little Birdie Told Me


Ah, sweet Spring... the little birdies are chirping their cheerful songs at my window... Why must the weekend be so short?!


I was working so fast from Monday through Thursday that when Friday finally showed up, I was completely exhausted. I felt dehydrated and so tired and sleepy... It was hard to concentrate. I lost count at how many cases I am trying to complete at the same time... I am just grabbing them as people call and send in their documents and forms... I continue to waste a lot of time on the cases of the two kids who have been there since December, but I don't know why their Sponsors are waiting until the last minute to turn everything in... I wish they would hurry up, because it breaks my heart to watch them watch all the other kids leave... All in all, I turned in three cases for approval but it took them a whole week to approve the first one. Unfortunately, she sent an email to my coworkers to say that it was approved, but she didn't put my email address on the email and it was my case! And of course, my coworkers failed to tell me that my case was approved. Grrr... So the next one was approved also, but I am still waiting on the third one...


Since my coworkers spend a lot of time talking to each other and Betty Crocker spends a lot of time talking to her husband on the phone, I was looking at the new form that lists what we are doing with our cases. The form travels from each worker to complete her part and then it goes to the next worker, etc, until the form is complete. In the middle of the month, the Eye said we have only had five reunifications this month. Last week, I submitted three cases for approval but the people who approve them took so long that I know I will not be able to have any Family Reunifications by Monday (which is the last day of the month), because I am waiting for money for airfare... Looking at the notes on last week's form, it looks as if neither one of my coworkers have Reunifications in the works. The cases they have require little or no work whatsoever except to wait for court... Betty Crocker, as usual, writes all this stuff on her notes and then ends it by saying that she doesn't have a fax number to send the forms to the families. LOL ... And so, in April, I plan to storm through my cases as quickly as possible to show The Eye that I am a valuable employee, no matter who gets jealous or what! LOL @ phooey to Betty Crocker and Spelling Bee and their stupid PMS!




friedmsw said...

Are you like me and don't drink enough water? I know that for me it is so hard to drink enough water when I get so busy at work. Yet, I know that 8 times out of 10 when I get that tired feeling in the afternoon it is dehydration. You are doing a good job, Winivere!

Lainey Laine said...

well done for doing such a good job! It's a shame that others aren't as caring as you!

It's Just Katie! said...

I wish there were more people like you in this world ~ you have such pride and a caring heart. Hoping your get lots of rest and resolve. Take care of you my friend,

Lynne said...

Hopefully, your due diligence will make the others step up for the kid's sake. Shame on them, and good on you for being responsible!

Sybil said...

Sorry you have had such a hard week..but glad at least you have had the weekend to build up again !! Good luck in getting everything done this week. But take care.
Love Sybil x

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Well done for doing such a good job..