Saturday, August 1, 2009

To Love is to Receive


My favorite Telenovela is back! Would you believe the woman in the picture above and the picture of the woman below are the same person?! They are! This is the original Ugly Betty aka Betty La Fea from Columbia. Ever since it came out, people have tried to copy it, and even though most new versions have been well received, none of them compare to this original version.

Betty la fea Pictures, Images and Photos

This is a comedy, and most of it made me laugh so hard that I almost peed in my pants, but Betty's transformation was my favorite part of this story. Betty used to cover up being ugly by making fun of herself. How do you cover up your own insecurities? The one thing that most women don't realize is that beauty is an option. Some women go about being ugly all of their lives because they have been hurt, because no one has taught them any different, or because they decide that age permits them to be ugly. Betty changes her style and she gets rid of the excess facial hair, but she knows that all of that is not enough to transform her into the beautiful person she wants to be... She works from the inside out, focusing on forgiveness of others, forgiveness of self, and in getting rid of the bad energies that keep us stagnant.

I wish this story was on DVD, because watching this Telenovela is how I learned Spanish, so it holds a special place in my heart.

Maybe I should have been a movie critic; huh? LOL...

Deeply apologetic for being away so long... I have been having big computer problems, but I'm happy to finally be able to get into my blog...

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Dannelle said...

Have really never watched but if you love it I know it must be good! HOW is work??? The last time i heard you were having a few wee bits of problems- Hugs and blessings, Dannelle

Sybil said...

At last a blog from you was beginning to think you had disappeared...hope that you are feeling better healthwise..
keep smiling
Love Sybil x

LORENZO said...

Advice to my son- sometimes the sweetest fruit does not fall from the best looking tree...hope all is well in the great state of Texas.

Sybil said...

Hi Win..justto say I have started a blog again you can find it on

Hope all is well,
love sybil xx

D said...

Hard to believe that's even the same person. Wow. Anyway, I always think that rather then zeroing in on my worst feature I try to focus on the best. It's a mental trick that results in less to yap about.

Sybil said...

All quiet from you at the moment Are you Ok.
Love Sybil xx