Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Make a Splash!

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I am playing the guinea pig at work... I have to take the boys to court all week. There is a batch of boys that go to morning court, which usually lasts until noon or later, and then, I have to bring them back and pick up a different batch of boys to take to afternoon court, which usually lasts until close to 5 p.m. Yesterday, I only had 1/2 hour for lunch. Today, I only got 5 minutes to eat lunch. Tomorrow is Wednesday. We do updates on Wednesday, because we have staffing on Thursday, but how can I have updates if I have been at court instead of working on my cases? This morning, a parent was really angry, because I haven't had a chance to make his fingerprint appointment. At court, the judge is talking in English and the interpreter is talking in Spanish, one voice blends into the other. It's like a subliminal thang! It's so embarrassing to have them catch me nodding off, but my stomach is also creating a scene all it's own with all of it's uncontrollable growling! Grrr...


ELLIE said...

get some granola bars - they work great to grab quickly while driving from one place to another~!~

Missie said...

Great tag!!

Heli gunner Tom said...

You have the most interesting posts! Sorry, I don't miss all the hard, dangerous, back breaking work I did all of my life and 30.5 years at Chrysler-- I retired at age 54--'walking wounded', and now to relax, read and PRAISE THE LORD.
Sounds like you need a good break and a tender T-bone steak!

Tom S
Vietnam Veteran: 68-70.

Veronica B. EDMD said...

Winnie, I agree with the granola bars/power bars. I often stick a nutritional bar into my pocket when I am at work for those times that I just can't stop and get something to eat. Also, cans of Slimfast or Boost are good.

Also, you might consider getting a PDA cell phone. I know money is tight for you, but you can send emails, do some research, book airline tickets, etc while you are not doing anything sitting in the courtroom, & then you can make phone calls during breaks.

Like Tim Gunn says on Project Runway, "Make it work!"

Hugs, Veronica