Sunday, April 18, 2010

::Le Update::

Hi. I am still here, but because of technical problems, I won't be able to post a tag. (sorry) They changed my schedule from 12:30 to 9:00 at work, so my eyes look like kermit. I have not been able to catch up with sleep with all of the time changes at work. Grrr...

I am still trying to get started with my Mary Kay business. I  received my starter kit and I have a lead for my first party. I was able to witness my director host a party, but she just reads what is on the flipchart. I want to incorporate some of my ideas to make it more fun and to make people want to share the experience with their friends! 



Jeanie said...

Already you have ideas without any input from your dierector apart from showing you how she does it. I am sure your ideas will gather momentum once you get invlved and up and running. You will do well with such a positive outlook. All the best!
Re; your last entry? What horrid people not to offer you a lift to your car and thank goodness for that young man!
You definitely have a guardian angel around when you need it.
Jeanie xxx

Lainey Laine said...

Hey Win! I hope you get some good sleep soon. Laine xxx

Bobby said...

Good luck with Mary Kay. It is never easy trying to make it in business on your own. You have to be a real saleswoman. The products are good so you will have a little help in that department. It still takes quite a bit of creativity and even more effort to get the ball rolling and keep it that way. Just remember to stay inspired. Good luck again.

Jimmy's Journal said...

Have a Great fourth of July, Win!


LuvBug said...

Wow im new on blogger and was just looking aroung i saw you blog and was instantly taken in its amazing. (With lots and lots for pictures and bright colors) I saw where you talked about yourself and i wanted to thank you. You are an insparation for sharing your story and letting people know that their not alone. Thank you and good luck with you "Job of Little Pay"

steve said...

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