Wednesday, February 3, 2010

::Le Update::

No blog dayz... Tell me what's a-happening?!#@

My last entry left me totally speechless & surprised... My daughter is designing fashion and putting on fashion shows... My childhood dream has become my child's reality... So proud of her...

There have been some things to write about, but I haven't been in the mood for blogging or creating tags lately... 

Jencarlos showed up in the Valley. The little boy has grown up totally HOT... Refer to pic via prior entry... Some overweight girl won a kiss. He kissed her on the mouth once, but when she tried to take advantage via full tongue, he backed off. LOL @ I thought that was funny.

The job search is especially dry this week, and it is already Wednesday... I have been reviewing jobs I applied for in the past to see if there might be some job leads, but no... Where is that open door? Grrr @ I wish the job would just land in my lap without effort, as it has in the past... but the job search has become a full-time job, usually from six to eight hours a day, with little or no reward...

Being able to watch TV during daylight hours has opened my eyes to the way other people live... Judge Pirro says adults who don't work are more likely to get into trouble... Tyra Banks says there are women who have two Va-JJ's... What?!... 

Goes to prove that although work usually takes full control of my life, I haven't missed out on anything! LOL... Here's to finding a job that will bring more balance into my life... 



Senorita said...

Good luck in the job search. It is extremely difficult right now. Here in SF Bay Area we are still experiencing massive layoffs.

I pray that something lands on your lap soon.

Kath said...

Theres light at the end of the tunnel Win,don't give up keep your faith,something will turn up trumps.Praying it is sooner rather than later for you."Congratulations " to your Daughter.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Sybil said...

Can I echo the please for a job to land in your lap...Keep faith I am sure better days lie ahead.
Love always Sybil xx

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Anonymous said...

Chance to win.

Anonymous said...

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