Tuesday, July 14, 2009

:::Michael Jackson:::

Michael Jackson

Oops @ I am a little late with this "King of Pop" tag, but it seems as if they are still talking about him and playing his music, so I guess it doesn't matter if I post it late.

My boss yelled at me this morning... again. He didn't like it when I told him that I was still having car problems, especially since he went through my desk yesterday and found some papers that I have not filed. Grrr @ he can be very harsh. It's amazing that I dreamed about him way before I met him and I said to myself that he was the kind of boss that I wanted to work for... until I got to know him... I have never worked at a job where I have felt intimidated. I have always been so sure of myself at other jobs. Why is this job different?! I think it is primarily because of the people I work with.

The wrecker guy finally showed up. OMG @ his feelings were hurt, because I didn't recognize him. Why would he feel bad if he has been living with someone for four years?! He denies that he is married, although in the state of Texas, if you live together for a year, you're married! Well, at least he thought I was only 35 years old. LOL...

Mr. Wrecker hadn't even taken my car off the wrecker when the mechanic had it fixed! It was only a $3.95 fuse. OMG!!!!!! =.)



Missie said...

Great tag! Have a good hump day!

Sybil said...

At least you are aback at work, and I am sure you will soon be back on top of things till thne just keep your head down and don't let anyone deter you. Perhaps your boss is judt the man that the Lord has sent to tempt you to loose it....YOU WON'T...kep smiling dear friend,
Love Sybil xx

Coelha :B said...

Great tag! :) Sorry to hear about your boss! I hope things get better for you! :) Julie

LORENZO said...

I think you should make a Michael Jackson and friends tag. Ones with all the celebrities who passed on this summer. Wow, it has been a rough summer for the rich & famous.

I'd get looking for another job, of course I've said that before.I imagine the job market is probably pretty stagnant and gloomy out there. Like everywhere.

Take care of yourself. LL