Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm ::TOO SEXY:: for my Car

First of all, thank you for your insight on yesterday's entry about Beauty. I have so many girlfriends who are wondering what they are doing wrong. LOL...
LOL @ I couldn't resist this graphic. Had to make a tag out of it. Is this one rated G, too, Lorenzo? LOL @ I see you are a cockroach now, so I am not sure if a cockroach can rate tags by adult content. ha ha...
Anyways, this graphic got me to thinking about the drivers in the Valley... I must say that the drivers here keep you Spiritual, because I have brushes with death everyday. Statistics say that the one thing people do most when they are on the road is pray. LOL @ if you drive in the Valley, that's got to be TRUE!!!!
Most people complain about the "race car drivers" who drive at the speed of light. There are a few of those in the Valley, but most of the drivers here drive as if they have their Grandma in the car. I have seen drivers driving at less than the allotted 45 miles an hour in the center lane. LOL @ it sounds funny but not when you have to drive an hour to get to work. I am not sure if the drivers here are afraid to be on the EXPRESSway, if they are too macho that they are trying to look cool, or if that is as fast as their cars can go.
I know my brother's first car would not go very fast. "Let's take a drive down the Boulevard, Sis," he'd say... and then, he would lower himself down into the car, driving with one hand on the steering wheel. All his friends thought he looked cool, but actually, it was as fast as his car would go. LOL
Another concern is the drivers who come in from Mexico. Did you know that some Mexican drivers have United States license plates? Did you know that in Mexico they do not take a test to get a license?! Scary; isn't it?!!# If you have ever been to Mexico, then, you know the way these people drive. OMG @ I think I left my pancreas at the other block! Teeheehee...
The Snowbirds have already started coming in, too. Snowbirds are the people who come to Texas for the winter. Sometime they call themselves "Winter Texans" but I like to call them Snowbirds. LOL... They drive slow, too, sometimes, but not as bad as the people who actually live here. I love it when the Snowbirds show up, because it gives me an opportunity to speak English...
Although I must admit that I pretend not to know Spanish when people in stores want to sell me things. I figure that if you are going to work in America as a salesperson, you better speak my language. ha ha... My bad.


LORENZO said...

It was a bit of a transformation,but I am still able to appreciate the finer things in life...LL

Shadow said...

this is too funny. we all have the bl**&% drivers on the road, they just go with different names here... i just wish i could learn to drive at a more sedate pace. so you my bank balance, those bl((*^ fines?!?!?!?!?!

Winivere said...

I have lost the pencil & the follow me button. How I get them back?!@# Grrr...
Win =.)

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

I think you are beautiful inside and out, Wini. I was just reading your last entry. LOL...both the tags are SAC...sizzle.

Senorita said...

Hey Win,

My brother told me about the drivers in Texas, so I can imagine that it's pretty bad.

Don't feel bad about pretending not to speak Spanish. Yo hablo espanol tambien, but Welcome to America, Bitches. When I go abroad, they expect me to know their language, so why are we any different ?

I can't tell you about how many accidents I've heard about with Mexicans with no license or insurance. It happens all the time around here.

Fireblossom said...

Got to love Texas.

Where I live now, in the frozen rust belt, it is little black church ladies who clog up the road, doodling along wearing their little pillbox hats, with one hand on the wheel and the other firmly resting on the good book. Little ladies in enormous American sedans, going 20 mph in the middle lane. I've been known to say words that aren't in their bibles when i am stuck behind them. ;-)

Jimmy's Journal said...

I think all your graphics are great and sexy as well.

As far as being too sexy for my car, it's a Cadillac but both of us are slow to start the morning after a night in AREA 51.


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