Saturday, February 7, 2009


"If you could see yourself as others see you, you'd want to be as beautiful as you." I think the saying on this tag is funny, not funny "ha ha" but kind of shocking funny...
Like Marilyn Monroe, no one ever told me that I was pretty when I was a little girl and no man has ever told me that, either... I think the only man who came closest was the guy who would always said "M*E*R*C*Y!!!" whenever he would see me, but that really isn't the same thing; is it? In a way, you can see they are attracted to you by the way they look at you. Their eyes seem to light up just as if they have seen their first Trans Am, but no man has ever come right out and told me that I am beautiful. Is that a word that they reserve for their mothers or is it just a word that is not in men's vocabularies?!
With all the "beautiful" people making their way on the covers of magazines and on the modeling runways, average-looking people are spending thousands of dollars buying beauty products, age-defying creams, lotions, diet pills, makeup, name brand jeans, sexy clothes, etc., just trying to look "like everybody else." But then, there are people who don't want to look "average." They want to look more like the "beautiful" people. Those are the people who take more drastic measures to transform themselves through plastic surgery, adding or subtracting boobies and butts, and sucking in their guts through liposuction...
It's funny how women are always critical of themselves. It's as if we cry the same cry as the Elephant man when we think about the way we look: "I am not a animal (freak)!" My efforts lately have not been anywhere close to the efforts of the "average" woman... pretty sad, I guess... I mean, I dress for business and I wear makeup in the morning, but the other day, I bought something I haven't bought since my youth: flavored lip gloss... It put a kick in my day that brought a smile to my face, knowing I was wearing something that was my own little secret...
As a woman, I think it is only normal to wonder how men decide which woman is good enough to be a girlfriend or a wife and which woman is only good enough to have sex with. Does a woman's "beauty" have a part in that decision? Actually, being beautiful does not guarantee that a woman will find a man to love her. Marilyn Monroe was beautiful but she suffered this same tragic story. Men were so busy trying to undress her, focusing only on their own selfish desires, but they were blind to the true beauty that was before their eyes... It is not unusual to see ugly girls with gorgeous looking guys or girls who move up to "wife" who don't work and can't even cook. What is their secret? What makes them "more special" than the average or the beautiful woman who has actually gone out of her way to learn how to cook, how to sew, is economical, has a job, and is clearly a better "wife" choice?! Why don't they get noticed? What is the criteria? No mustache? Able to party? She's got to be pretty enough to show off to my men friends?
Why are men always in a hurry to get sex without even knowing what my name is... If you are a man and you are reading this, please take the time to get to know us! Duh @ that's what most women want!!!!!!!!
Being beautiful is not just about what I look like on the outside. Being beautiful is also about the lessons that I have learned in my life... It is about the skills I have strengthened in myself and for the good of all humanity... It is about all the things I have been able to accomplish and master when I had doubts in myself... It is about my personality, about my gestures, and the way I walk... It is about my ability to think for myself... It is about the little acts of kindness that I do without wanting to be found out and without asking for anything in return... It is about choosing love over fear... It is about having a huge capacity to love... But most of all, it is my flaws that make me beautiful.... Like my chocolate flavored lip gloss, it is a secret that only a very special man will be able to discover... or not...


Mike said...

Oh women are so hard on themselves. When I was at the show the other night. One of the women that went on stage wanted to lose weight for her wedding. The comic like most of the men in the audience were like she was crazy. There wouldn't have been anything left if she lost weight.

Indigo said...

My favorite saying is, "Beauty fades, the heart remains". I used to want to maime my face (don't worry I'm well over that phrase of my life), just so someone would see who I was inside. (Hugs)Indigo

Linda said...

You have the cutest graphics on your pages, where do you get them? Linda

Senorita said...

There are so many beautiful women out there in abusive relationships or wonder why they can't find a man.

And then there are women out there who look average to unattractive and have the hottest men devoted to them.

Their secret is their attitudes about themselves. Self condident women that radiate their confidence (not cockiness) are sure to attract devoted men.

The only one that can make you feel pretty and fabulous is yourself.

You are fabulous but no man will tell you that if you don't believe it first.

Myra said...

Senorita said it best! You must believe that you are beautiful (because you are), and exude self assurance. Tell yourself that every day. I find that wearing really nice lingerie makes me feel a secret that only I know.

ADM DESIGN'S said...

First I would like to say you're a beautiful woman inside & out.

I don't know about all men but as for me I don't want to be with a woman for her looks I get to know the woman first and then see where it goes from there.
Hugs, Alvia

Shadow said...

you're right, we are too hard on ourselves. nice thoughts here though. made me think.

Fireblossom said...

Oh boy, do I have a million thoughts about this post, but I don't think I'll put them down here. I'll just say that i read this with interest. Wonderful post!