Sunday, March 14, 2010

::Le Update::

St Patrick

OMG @ has it been since Valentine's day?!! So much has happened since then...

As previously mentioned, I was supposed to start working for the Census on February 15, but when I went, they gave me the day off, because I was the only one who showed up for training. I started working for the Census as an Administrative Clerk for only $8.00 an hour on February 16. That's half what I used to make. Grrr... but after my last job, my Spirit was completely destroyed!  I have to try to rebuild my self-confidence.

On February 17, I fell at work. I was coming in the front door during my lunch break, but a man and a woman were talking behind the door. The woman moved but she didn't move her little suitcase. and I didn't see it. I fell over the suitcase and my face almost landed in the man's shoes.  That is no way to fall for a man, even if he IS single!!! I broke my fall with my right knee and my right hand. Oddly enough, the woman never said she was sorry and she never bothered to try to help me up. I continued to work the rest of the day. 

On February 18, I was at the hospital all day... almost eight hours. They took X-rays, gave me some pain killer, gave me a knee stabilizer that is too long for my leg and some crutches. The doctors said they didn't expect to see someone so young-looking compared to the age listed on my chart. LOL... Under doctor's orders, I did not return to work until Monday. That was such a painful weekend, especially difficult getting from one room to the next. I'd finally get to the kitchen when my bladder would yell at me to go somewhere else! Grrr @ why didn't you speak up when I was closer to the bathroom?!# I kept asking everyone how do you get around on crutches?! No one seemed to give me an answer. I think I ended up hurting my healthy leg from trying to get around on those crutches.  Living in an upstairs apartment only adds to the injury.

Working that week was hard. I popped a lot of Tylenol to get through the days, but I still managed to get in 39.5 hours that week. The following week, I worked almost 50 hours... Oh, so tired...  and no time to wash underwear! I had to go buy some more, because if I am in another accident, I don't want to scare the paramedics!!! ... My knee and my hand are still in pain, but I have to keep on going...

To add to my torment, the Unemployment people kept calling me, for about two weeks, different people, all asking the same questions about my fall. I had to send paperwork to the Workmen's comp people... All kinds of people ringing my phone tunes. OMGG... STRESS... To top it off, I have lost my W2. I have to find it so I can do my taxes... Grrr...

I was disappointed at my job when I first started because all I was doing was filing. When they put me on the phones to hire people, they were impressed with me, because I hired 26 people in 1-1/2 days, so I became the "star." I am glad that the bosses see me in a good light. Two of the girls have been gossiping about everybody and whispering. I hate whispering. They also made comments to make me feel bad. One of them keeps saying my name in Spanish. I corrected her in a nice way, but she didn't like it that I spoke up for myself. She said: What? Are you white?!... I was offended because I was singled out... What about Adam? What about Pat? Why do they insist on changing mine but not theirs?! I told her that according to my birth certificate, it does say that I am white. Those two girls continued to be rude, slamming the phone, slamming down files right beside me, so I told on them., because they make me feel uncomfortable. Whenever I am around bullies at any job, I usually just keep quiet and keep to myself, but that hasn't worked for me, so this time, I told on the girls and moved to a different spot. Was that wrong? What is the proper thing to do when you are around bullies at work? 


Remo said...

I'd just grab her by the hair and tell her that if she ever mispronounces your name again, you'll cut her eyes out with a letter opener.

But that's just me.

Cathy said...

Good Lord. Did you know excess stimuli in your life helps activate unused parts of the brain? Just a thought to help ya feel a bit better, and don't fret that woman who didn't help or even apologize. She had a perfect opportunity to bask in the glow of your presence and screwed it up. Her loss! Stay sweet and gorgeous :-)

Senorita said...

I love Remo's answer, LOL.

I think you did the right thing. Women can be so mean sometimes.

Sybil said...

Glad to see you bakc with us had begun to wonder if all was well..well see that it is and it isn't !! So sorry about the fall and hope that by now things are a lot better.. As for bullies at work I rhink I have said before that best to completely ignore them..after all it reaction they want and when they don't get it they can't understand...sometimes they get even worse but again ignore or play along with them...they can't understand that either !! Hope things get better
Love Sybil xx

Sybil said...

an old quote comes to mmind Mum used to always say to me
Sticks and stones will break your bones but names will never hurt you and she would add...unless you let them !!
Love me again Sybil x

Jeanie said...

I too liked Remo's answer. lol
Although I would only do it in my dreams. hahahaha
I reckon you should just smile at them and comfort yourself that they are only jealous that you are already showing, after such a short while, that you are better than them at your job. So there!
Hold that thought each time they pester you.
Sorry about your discomfort with your crutches. And with your wrist and knee.
You are so brave to carry on working. Well done you!
Jeanie xxx