Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Friday Dish

Hello, Everybody! Deeply apologetic for being AWOL for so long... Life has been extremely hard lately, but there has been a bit of good news...

Last Friday, I went to visit my youngest daughter in San Antonio, Texas. She is learning Fashion Design... I know! One of the dreams I never fulfilled for myself, because life has forced me to survive instead! LOL... The goal was to complete the outfits, because she had two of her designs featured in a Fashion Show... So I went for support, but I also went to help her to complete the finishing touches. She worked so hard, staying up late every night until everything was completed. On Saturday morning, she was still working on the accessories, so I finished the sequined headband for her.

The first design was a fitted pinstripe jacket with a white collar, an open square back, and a tuxedo red, black, and white tail. The model wore it with a satin white mini skirt, and a white fedora hat with a veil and peacock feather. The second design was a white top with a pinstripe corset worn with white satin pants with pearls suspenders and a black and white sequined headband with a slanted veil and peacock feathers. Her second design was the only design in the entire show that the people stood up to clap. I don't mean to sound as if I am bragging, but her work was the only part of the show that looked really original and that included accessories. The rest of the designs looked like stuff you could easily find in a store or on the street.

Luciano is nine pounds now. He is on a heart monitor and still has seizures. He is looks like his big brother but he has green eyes. It's like going back in time! =.)

Monday was the funeral. My girls' father was cremated. I am still in shock that he is dead. I could write some really ugly things here because he was not a good man, but out of respect for my girls, I won't. My oldest daughter took it very hard, not because of their relationship but because he was her father. He was never part of my younger daughter's life, but like me, she is still in shock that her father is dead, so she went to support her sister. I am surprised to discover that when someone dies, it can still be shocking even if you never had a good relationship with them.

Work has been an infierno with the people I work with. What does it take for people to stop telling you stuff that makes you feel uncomfortable? What does it take for them to accept you? I work with two women with very strong personalities who are very bossy, who have probably always had their way in life, and who have never suffered a day in their lives. You know the type. OMG @ how can they be on PMS every single day of their life?!!!!!!! How do you keep them from breaking your spirit? All of the new boys that have come to the shelter have been placed in my caseload. Good grief at I am so overwhelmed and drowning in paperwork, and the tacky attitude of my new boss is not helping. I have been there almost a year, but I do not feel stable in my job, because if they don't like you, they can easily get rid of you.

It's no wonder that I find my bliss in chocolate. LOL



sarah said...

everytime I click on your blog and read that catwoman quote - it does something to me. Have a gentle day. Sarah

Dannelle said...

Drat- my comment vanished before it posted!
I think I missed something so I went back and read all of August osts. I am still confused!
Sorry about your daughters' bereavement. It is hard whether or not he was a good person.
Can you post pictures of the outfits? I would love to see them!
Hugs and love

Senorita said...

So nice to see you back here.

I've been the outcast many times as well, and I know the those types of women.

I'm so sorry you don't feel stable in your job. The truth is, no one really is. It's tough out there, but you are making the best of it.

Lynne said...

I understand about your feelings on the death of your daughters' father. My sister's ex-husband was not a nice man either, but when he passed we felt it too. I hope your eldest daughter is healing from her grief, bless her.

With regard to work, I hope things settle soon for you. I find it difficult to work with women at times...don't figure, lol. Hang in there.

Estela said...

Hola Win...I divorced back in '83 and the last time I got a view of my ex was in 2005 when we went to court on a very old child support hearing. He is just someone from my past, no emotions there. I doubt that any of us would attend if he were to die. This is coming from a very warm-hearted person, but he was very cruel and has been absent since '83 in his children's lives.

You reap what you sow.

Estela in South TX